Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Simpsons - "All's Fair in Oven War" ~ CWOS review

Another exciting edition of the Chicken Wings on Screen!

The 5:00pm CBC showing of the Simpsons has been a tradition of mine for, well over 10 years. And just 1/2 an hour ago was no different. What was different was a focus on chicken wings in today's episode.

The Episode "All's Fair in Oven War" has Marge doing some baking:

"Homer buys Marge a new kitchen, and Marge likes cooking in the new kitchen so much she attends the Ovenfresh Bakeoff"*

Basically, the first thing that Marge makes in her new kitchen for a church pot luck is her own Buffalo Wasabi Wings (NOTE: I could only find this clip on a Russian Youtube type site. The English can be heard under the Russian translation, sort of. Sorry. Go between about the 5:32 mark until the 6:45 mark ):

I like how Flanders thought he was Springfield's "Wing Ding King". Mmmm, green Buffalo Wasabi wings. Not hot enough though cuz no one's crying. But maybe I might toy with a recipe like this. Hmmmmmmm . . .

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Teena in Toronto said...

I haven't watched "The Simpsons" in years!

Lord of the Wings said...

Its the only show I can easily watch rerun after rerun. The newer episodes don't have the same kick as the 90's episodes, but its just a part of my tv life.

TV life sounds so sad. :(