Thursday, 4 June 2009

David Carradine - 1936-2009

David Carradine was found dead ( I have read 3 different accounts today: natural causes, suicide, accident) in Bangkok Thailand. He was there filming a movie and was found in his hotel wardroom with a roped tied around him.

(photo from HERE)
This isn't a gossip site, so why am I reporting this? Well I associate David Carradine with chicken wings. I know it sounds weird, but here it goes.

When I was in Middle School and early High School, every so often I was lucky on a Friday night that my parents would be going out. In the time before I could drive, I would ride my bike into town (I lived in my small town's suburbia, on the other side of a valley that separates the two) to the video store, rent a few movies and come home. There was only one genre I would rent on these nights: Kung Fu movies.

Mostly Bruce Lee, but at the time I was also in awe of Kung Fu. I absolutely loved the contemporary TV show Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, but only vagely aware of the original show or movie. So renting old episodes of Kung Fu, or even Kung Fu: The Movie was a special treat to get my martial arts fix and learn some back story.

But to go along with the movies I always ordered a pizza and wings combo from Little Caesars. A pizza just for me, and hot wings that while tiny, were tasty. The whole event of wings, pizza and Kung Fu is totally a part of my youth and I will never forget the smells, the tastes, and the fights.
So thanks you Mr Carradine for the years of entertainment. RIP.


Teena in Toronto said...

Crazy, eh?

Lord of the Wings said...

And a very strange way to die . . .

Chris said...

You know it wasn't murder....he would have Kung Fu'd them!

Have you ever seen the movie, Ong Bak - Thai Warrior? Great cheezy martial arts flick!

I couldn't wait to read why he reminded you of chicken wings!