Wednesday, 10 June 2009

"HEY BOY!" - It's JB on Youtube

Over at the BBQ blog Diva Q, she posted a Youtube video from a guy calling himself "JB". And I couldn't stop watching this guy:

Here's the quick 411:
  • JB is from Baton Rouge Louisiana (love that Cajun accent).
  • JB loves to BBQ, and he's a purist. No nonsense.
  • JB refers to drinking his soda pop. He means beer.
  • JB gets angry - watch out!

And really that's all you need to know. Some might label him 'white trash', some might say he's stuck in his ways. I see him as a man who loves his food; A man who has persevered in food to come to his conclusions. JB gets down to business. And JB has his catch phrase: "HEY BOY!"

I've selected 2 videos to highlight. One on his BBQ Rules, and one on Cajun Food Misconceptions, and much more.

The Tao of JB BBQ
BBQ Rules Summarized:

  1. Never boil any meat you can BBQ, Grill or Smoke - "you wouldn't boil bacon, would'you?"

  2. Never use the "O" word, Oven, in the same sentence as smokin' food. The oven is mainly for "cookies, brownies, cakes, baking bread, stuff like that". Basically, don't cook meat in oven and call it BBQ.

  3. A Broiler and an Oven is about the same thing as a gas grill. It's not flame broiled . . . don't add no flavour: "Don't use no hickory smoke, liquid smoke. That's another big no no, never ever, man, don't even buy that garbage. I don't even know why they sell that fo' "

  4. Another No-No is match-light/instant light/charcoal lighter fluid or other similar "crap", that's "for starting a pile of leaves on fire or burning trash in your yard . . . you don't want the fumes in your food."

  5. The way to light your charcoal is a charcoal chimney.

  6. When using a remote thermometer, don't put it in a fat pocket or near the bone

  7. Thermometer at the top of the dome is 'bogus', it's 'false, wrong, fail'. Keep at the grate level.

  8. Put a nice dry rub on your meat, except a steak or a burger (he's a purist, he 'graduated from that school').

  9. Never mash down on a burger or a steak - your mashing all the juices out. Let them rest.

  10. Never sauce your meat until the last 20-30 minutes of smoking. Otherwise sugar will burn. Dry mustard lets it stick, not add flavour.

  11. Cook smoked foods (butt, briskets etc) to about 195/200 degrees internal.

  12. Don't keep putting in wood so that it smokes like a 'choo choo train'

  13. Never use green wood (wet). It doesn't want to burn and needs to be aged a year.

  14. Theoretically, meat only accepts smoke flavour until the meat is at 140 degrees externally, creating a smoke ring. Take it right out of the 'ice box', don't let it sit on the counter.

  15. JB's been doing this "A loooooooong damn time"

  16. Use your gas grill to clean your smoker grills. Put it up as high as it can go, the wire brush them down after 30 mins.

  17. "Don't be opening yo smoker to peek inside of it, every time you do you lose heat, you lose smoke, and ya add about 30 mins to your cookin' time." Use a thermometer. "No peeky-seeky BOY."

Oh wise BBQ & Cajun sage. You never know what he's going to come out with next. But he's genuine, and when it comes down to it, he's right. BOY!

JB on Youtube


Chris said...

OMG, that was the best 18 minutes I've spent today. Freaking hilarious but right on topic!

Chris said...

I figured out WHO this reminds me of. It's a cross between two writers. Stephen King and Shelby Foote (southern gentleman from the Ken Burns PBS Civil War Series).

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - he does look kinda like Stephen King!!! I'm not familiar with Foote but thanks for informing me.

I just realized I added the wrong video . . . I'm going to have to fix that.

Chris said...

Ok, it took a while to find but here is a clip.

Foote comes on at 56 seconds.

I think he might be JB's dad.

JB said...

Hey Boys Hey Girls.. Just found this site, Its JB Here> Got plenty of new BBQ tips & vids on my YT channel here: