Thursday, 11 June 2009


Boy was it hot out! After days of rain and cloud, it was nice to have some blue skies. But I hate the heat. Hate it. Give me an icy cold day any day. On foot and pounding the pavement to run some errands, I was sweltering, and at lunch I decided to stop in somewhere for a cold drink and hopefully some air conditioning.

I was walking along Wellington in Westboro where I passed a local pub that I've gone by many times but never stopped in. So I went in. While there was a big patio, there wasn't much shade, and it was pretty busy. Plus I wanted to sit in and hopefully enjoy some air conditioning. I took a seat in the front window, and then it hit me: nothing was hitting me. There was no A/C. Dang.

The 'dinning' room is really small: maybe six tables and the bar. There is a big patio, and Daniel O'Connell's is connected to Fil's Diner next door (which is also owned by the next door bowling alley). The 3 share a kitchen. There apparently was an actual Daniel O'Connell, his picture was behind my seat, with a label saying the young man died a few years ago. The pub is well known for its live music performing frequently in the evenings.

The atmosphere was pretty chill. Classic rock and roll on the radio, people on the patio, and regulars coming in to the bar. My waitress, April, friendly and busy being the only waitress on duty, knew what beer one guy ordered before he even said anything. She and the manager were laughing at a patron's T-shirt, "I Love Lamp", trying to remember what movie it was quoting. They thought it was Superbad, but I admitted to her I was eavesdropping and that it was from Anchorman.

While of course I was getting wings, I also ordered a side of garlic bread. I went sans cheese, and when it came out with my meal I was kind of glad I went au natural.

They were the domed tops of buns, and while this might sound ghetto, it really was good. The bun was toasted perfectly, and the garlic and butter on it soaked in just right.

I had debated about getting onion rings or garlic bread, but the latter won out for the fact I could dip it or use it to soak up my wing sauces. But, this plan was not so successful.

There are only four sauces to choose from, so it wasn't hard for me to pick. Hot. And I went with a one pound order. They came out plated in a circle (what a nice touch) around the sour cream. Yes, sour cream again. Only in Ottawa would people eat a flavour filled dish with the most blah condiment ever.

I digress. The wings were deep fried naked, then tossed in the sauce. They were not super crispy, in fact any less deep fried and they would have no crisp at all. A close call for sure.

The wings are about a medium sized piece. They were relatively meaty for their size. This was my second disappointment with the wings. But they did taste fresh.

My other disappointment was with the heat in hot. There was none. No bite, nothing. Maybe I got the wrong order, but I doubt it. It tasted like Frank's hot sauce, but there wasn't enough sauce to my liking. Next time I would definitely order extra sauce on the side or really saucy wings.

I also enquired to April about their wing nights on Tuesday. $0.45 a wing she said, but you order in a starting increment of 10. She said it was also Mondays as well. I asked if it was just like after 5 or something and she said, and I'm paraphrasing here 'no it's all day. Originally it was after 5pm, but were relaxed like that. Same with breakfast, we're only supposed to serve it on weekends, but whatever. You come in you'll get your wings". Sweet. More proof of the chill atmosphere. [EDIT - I have been informed that their wing night is now only Tuesdays, after 4pm, with an alcohol purchase. So much for chill atmosphere].

FINAL SCORE: Well, the wings were not amazing. But they weren't bad. Not a great endorsement but my socks weren't knocked off. I suggest bigger, crispier and hotter wings. The food is decent, and April was a great waitress. Would I come back? I would, but probably only for a Monday or Tuesday. 4.5/10

Daniel O'Connell's Irish Pub
1209 Wellington Street West, Ottawa On


Teena in Toronto said...

I won't be racing there for the wings. I hope the beer was good!

Chris said...

I think they should at least get an extra 1/2 point just because, according to the waitress, you should be able to get wings for breakfast (since you can get breakfast anytime, I'm guessing wings for breakfast would be ok too).

ha ha

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - I had a Coke! But it was good, and cold, and free refills so I felt much better after that.

Chris - lol - breakfast wings for sure!