Monday, 15 June 2009

JB again . . . because I screwed up

Ok so last week I posted about JB.

But I added the wrong video (but still a good one). It was supposed to be one
on Cajun Misconceptions, but I put in his sauce and rub video.

So here is the Cajun Cooking Misconception instead. I'm fixing the other entry as we speak.

I wasn't paying attention. Boy.

Cajun Foods - highlights from the video
  • "A lot of people have a misconception that Cajun foods are so spicy and fiery hot, that it might kill a lot of people. That ain't the case."
  • "Cajun food is . . . spicy seasoning wise, not heat wise."
  • "Spicy, that's spices, well that's seasonings, that that make the dish, you know plus salt. And we put a little heat in, but not a whole lot. But its got so much flavour.
  • "Cajun laxative" - free crawfish/shrimp/crab boils ("go getchyou some of dat, they done tighten that up") and made too salty and too hot which "to where it make a genuine Cajun forehead sweat, and it'llile kill a damn Yankee." They will make their money in drinks. This is not how it normally served.
  • If you go into a Cajun restaurant not in Louisiana, ask if someone in the kitchen is from Louisiana, and if no, then leave. "It ain't gonna be authentic."
  • Lots of recipes and companies advertise Cajun food/recipe. "It's the furtherest god damn thing from real Cajun food I ever seen in my damn life, I'll be laughin. And and it's really sad, because they they they foolin people into 'oh authentic Cajun jambalaya from Illinois, NO BOY, that ain't Cajun."


Chris said...

Can you imagine how fun a night it would be to have a night out in New Orleans pub hopping with JB? Holy fark that would be a riot!

Teena in Toronto said...

I like Cajun food. Yum!

Lord of the Wings said...

I've been all over the USA but I have never gone to N'awlins and that is one of my top 10.

I want to eat authentic Cajun dishes, and doing it with JB would be a hoot!