Monday, 22 December 2008

PC Louisiana-Style Spicy Chicken Wings

More chicken wings on sale!!!

This time, it was just Louisiana-style that was on sale, and well, that sounded pretty interesting. When I think of Louisiana-style, I think of cayenne hot sauce, gumbo, crayfish and a tasty but not hot spiced sauce. Can a frozen wing recreate that?

The box was seductive in its black background, and yellow lettering. And the picture of the wings made me think they were doused in Louisiana Gold Hot Sauce.

FWS ’09 -v 1.0: PC Louisiana-Style Spicy Chicken Wings


Louisiana Style


approx $12.99 (I got on sale for $9.99)

# of WINGS

1 kg (minimum 22 pieces) but there were only 20 wings in the box


tingle of heat, mild to medium






I knew there was sauce there, so I guess wet



nice and crispy, even the microwave cooking method



I guess it tastes Louisiana style . . . bbq & hot sauce is good, but not strong



website for the wings


All right, better as a party wing than a LOTW wing.


Well, the ingredients exposed these wings as BBQ/Hot sauced mixed, which suggests sweet and spicy.

The chicken was pretty big for a frozen, unbreaded wing. I can even faintly smell the sauces even in their frozen state.

They baked in the oven, and I could hardly wait to sample these suckers.

They came out pretty crispy. In fact, they even looked like they had been grilled, but honestly that was just the oven rack. The black marks were not burnt, just flavour.

The wings were not saucy at all. It was more of a baked in glaze. It wasn't spicy hot but spicy flavour. But I would want a lot more flavour for me.

My curiosity and my hunger was tweaked on the box where it said the wings could be ready in 4 minutes. What? Oh, if they were cooked in the microwave. Microwaved wings? It didn't sound very good, but I was starving and thought I could experiment with one. . .

And it turned out not half bad. It was actually kinda crispy too. But definitely more rubbery than the baked version. I suppose I might do it if I was starving and in a pinch, but baking is the way to go with these.


A different kind of wing (seems to be the theme these days). A nice spice/bbq mix going on. Not wings I would have all the time, but something I might turn to if they were a bit cheaper. 8.5/15

PC Louisiana-Style Spicy Chicken Wings

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