Monday, 22 December 2008

PC Crisp & Crunchy Spicy Southern Style Chicken Wings ~ FWR

I preach the gospel of fresh wings. Fresh, not frozen. But sometimes, you need a wing fix that can only be stored in one's freezer. Is it sacrilege to turn to boxed frozen wings then?

Frozen wings are not my favourite. But every time I am in the grocery store I walk by them and I am tempted by them, because I have a sickness for wings. But I rarely get them because they are more money than I wish to pay at the supermarket. However, one fine day at the beginning of December, I came across a box of wings that were on sale, and looked different than your typical frozen wing.

PC Crisp & Crunchy Spicy Southern Wings. 1) Doesn't that just sound good? Like a good comfort meal? 2) What is with PC and the super long names?????

These pre-breaded frozen wings looked like little monsters in the squarish box. In fact, they looked like mini-KFC drumsticks. About 20 mins in the oven, and I would be having some hopefully tasty wings.

FWS ’09 -v 1.0: PC Crisp & Crunchy Spicy Southern Style


breaded, ‘southern style’


approx $12.99 (I got on sale for $9.99)

# of WINGS

1 kg (approx 20 pieces)


mild - barely any tingle despite 3 chili rating on box



large – meaty with lots of breading



dry wings



crunchy just like they promised



pretty mild in flavour – really needed some extra sauce



website for the mild version


No heat, but best actual chicken I’ve had from a freezer.


Well, PC delivered on most of their title claims. They were definitely crispy and crunchy. They were definitely Southern style. But what they weren't was spicy.

There was a faint hint of spice in the wings, but nothing even an amateur couldn't easily handle. But the taste of a good piece of deep fried chicken was maintained by this frozen poultry.

The chicken was nice and juicy. It was just good tasting chicken.

Eventually, I needed to add some hot sauce just to spice things up. I added some Frank's Buffalo Sauce (Review coming up next) and that really completed the wings.

Ok, these wings were not spicy, which was a disappointment to me. But other than that, they were probably the best frozen wings, in terms of chicken itself, I have ever had. I can eat them plain, but they are definitely better with sauce. Kudos PC on a great product that is as righteous if not more so than some restaurants. Now just lower the general price please. 10/15

PC Crisp & Crunchy Spicy Southern Style Chicken Wings

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