Tuesday, 18 July 2006

PC Buffalo Wing Sauce REVIEW and Boneless Wings RECIPE

Rooting through the freezer, trying to determine what to eat, I see what I think is a ziplock bag of chicken thighs. I say to myself, "Self, I don't really like chicken thighs, but I do like chicken wings. However, I need to use of these thighs and I can make them LIKE wings" So I proceed to take them out and thaw them.

Wouldn't you know it, they weren't thighs at all, but de-boned chicken breasts. So now I can make Boneless Wings. How to do so? Well, I basically copied the method in THIS recipe, but then it came to, what kind of sauce? Last time I tried Devil's Tandoori. Before that, Frank's Red Hot and margarine. What about 3rd Degree? I've used a lot and had it frequently. Then I remembered buying a bottle of hotsauce a while ago and its been sitting in my bathtub (NOTE: I have 2 bathrooms in my don suite, and my second bathtub is used for storage, such as plastic bags, computer boxes, and canned goods).

President's Choice Buffalo Wing Sauce?

Can PC do a decent sauce?

Chicken in cornmeal dusting for that extra crunch

splashing the boneless wings in PC sauce

So, how did it turn out? Surprisingly well. I wasn't a fan of the chicken itself - I don't know how long it had been in the freezer or what, but it wasn't juicy, it had little flavour. But the coating made for a great crunch.

As for PC's attempt at making an 'Authentic Buffalo Wing Sauce' I definitely give a slow clap (NOTE - slow claps are performed when a feat is surprisingly good causing amazement of discovery in the clapper, see Dude for explanation). When I bought it, it was on sale and it was the same orange-ish colour other similar sauces had. But I was very happy with the turn out. The flavour was the same as many of these orange sauces, but this one had a kick. I had numbing of the mouth (it was fleeting, but I felt it). This my friends, is a quality sauce.

I give the sauce 4 out of 5 flappers.
The Bone-less wings overall, 2.5 out of 5 flappers.

President's Choice Authentic Buffalo Wing Sauce

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Ricky said...

Wow.... I really shouldn't have visited this page...it's got me drowning in my own drool here, and with no apparant method to quench a wing craving in sight here in Lusaka, I'm going to have to learn how to swim!