Monday, 10 July 2006

RECIPE - The Devil's Tandoori Wings

Wow - so many reviews in such a short time! To be honest, 3 have been put off for about a week. This review is straight from dinner itself.

As dinner time approached, I decided to use some of the wings I have frozen. But what kind of flavour? I had Buffalo style not long ago and I wasn't feeling the BBQ. Thinking of all my spicies, I came across my Tandoori powder. But I was going to need to kick it up a notch.


  • Tandoori powder
  • 3rd Degree sauce
  • oil
  • chicken wings


  1. mix first 3 ingredients together into a paste
  2. add wings and and paste until wings are well coated (should be very reddish in colour)
  3. preheat oven to 350 degrees
  4. bake wings for approx 20 mins each side or until crispy

You can also marinate the wings ahead of time to infuse the flavour. Add more or less hot sauce to increase burning heat. Also, the juice of the wings will drain out causing the wings to float. To make for a crispier wing, drain then continue to bake.

The ingredients for the paste
The wings coated in the paste - note the dark red colour

The wings looked good even before I cook them

The Final Result - with Frothy drink in the back

Frothy Grape Punch

1 can of pears
1 can McCain Grape Punch
ice to fill blender

mix in a blender and enjoy!

These were definetly a hit with me. They were tasty, crispy (but got soggy quick because of all the liquid). And why did I call it Devil's Tandoori? The 3rd Degree sauce really made a difference. Having the Frothy Grape Punch acted as a soother to the heat.

After the drink and wings, I truly did have sympathy for the devil. So try my The Devil's Tandoori Wings.

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Bibliophile said...

Hey Chef Boyar-fee!

Nice experimentation... I am happy to see that you will now be offering a wing rating for the establishments you visit!
But where is the burger review for "La Brasserie"?