Saturday, 29 July 2006

No Name Hot Wings REVIEW

Every once in a while, a wing craving comes up. But you don't always want to go out, or spend a lot of money. As for preparing wings from scratch, very time consuming, a lot of work and a lot of dishes to clean afterwards. So what's a wing lover to do? Look to the frozen food section, that's what.

I was in Windsor visiting LJ, and she suggested picking up some frozen wings and make some potato wedges from scratch. Looking in the frozen food section of your big name grocery store can be daunting in choosing what kind of wings to get. Jane's, President's Choice, or what flavour to get? BBQ? Buffalo style? Mild medium or hot? There's a lot to choose from nowadays, and the prices vary just as much. But one frozen wing that I have been consistently happy with is also one of the cheaper types: No Name brand Hot and Spicy wings

I have a love hate relationship with No Name products. On the worst of days its a poor substitute for brand name food, low in quality and barely edible. On the best of days, its cheap and it out performs the big boys of the food industry.

For many a year I have turned to these frozen wings. While they aren't giant (but what frozen wings are?) they do have lots of flavour and the meat isn't grizzley or tough. There are about 22 in a package and they run from about $9-12 depending on the store you buy them.

You can microwave them if your looking for convenience, but I prefer the baking method. After 20-40 mins these are ready to serve (NOTE: I don't know why the picture on the box has them being served with what looked like some Thai sauce to be dipped - but why? WHY I ASK?)

Along with the wings, we toasted up some pitas served with a microwaved dip (can't remember the flavour). I also prepared some spiced potato wedges. I don't have a better name so I will call them Windsor Wedges
Windsor Wedges
  • 2 large baking potatoes
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic powder
  • red garlic powder
  1. wash potatoes, cut into wedges
  2. place wedges in ice water for 1 hour (or 30 mins minimum)
  3. in a bowl, mix all other ingredients making almost a paste
  4. when potatoes begin to float, pat dry, then mix in seasonings
  5. place on a baking sheet and cook approx 40 mins on 350

So how did it all turn out? The wings were crispy, juicy and flavourful. The Windsor Wedges were also crispy but soft on the outside and the red chili powder left quite an after-kick. The dip and pita wedges were ok, but mainly blaw and cooled down way too quickly.

So how did I rate the wings? Well, you can probably tell they did well. Hot & Spicy has more heat than other brands, but not the level I would like it to be. But as far as I can tell, these wings are the best you can get frozen at the grocery store. Prove me wrong other brands, prove me wrong.

So how many times can I say So to start a sentence? Well, 3 I guess. No Name Hot & Spicy Wings, 5 out of 5 wings in the category of Frozen Wings.

No Name Hot & Spicy Wings


Haunted Art said...

I agree completely. How the other brands can't reach the same level as these NN wings I'll never understand ??

Watchdog said...

That was then . Now in 2018 they include 2 sacs of sauce , which is included in the 902g weight . This means there are about 10 less wings in the package , and the wings are already coated in sauce. A ripoff IMHO.

Lord of the Wings said...

@watchdog - thanks for posting; funny you mention this, I just did a review this week covering that exact issue: