Saturday, 15 July 2006

The Brasserie

"What What What? A non-Chicken wing review? What's going on?"

This is a quick review of something other than a chicken wing (Yes I do eat other things than wings). How can this be? Well, if you look back to the very first entry (of the relaunch of the blog) , the mission statement said we would occasionally be looking at other foods.

A few weeks ago on a very rainy day, Nee met with me for lunch and told me about an amazing burger at The Brasserie. And a perfect accompaniment to wings are burger right? And Yes, The Brasserie did have wings, but Nee's praise of the burger was enough to keep me from my regular poultry fix.

This burger was huge - note that above the burger is nearly the size of Nee's head. Mine had bacon and cheese, but this burger would have been delicious without the extras. Juicy, cooked to your liking, this was one of the best burgers I've ever had.

It also comes with fresh cut fries (not frozen, also with the skins, which I love). The best part is the garlic dipping sauce on the side, which also is great on the burger itself.

Did I mention how big this burger is? And at $10.50, this bacon and cheese monster is a filler for a long time after dinner. Dangerous Dan's has a big burger, but the Brasserie's behemoth is what a real burger should taste like.

The atmosphere was nice, the free coke refills were good and the service was just right. So if your looking for something a little different than a wing meal, I guess, this is a burger to try.

I may never get to try the wings at this joint.

The Brasserie
133 John Street Toronto

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Bibliophile said...

We should all bow down before La Brasserie burger!!!