Tuesday, 21 February 2006

The UNICORN PUB ~ Toronto ON

The Unicorn Pub
You've never heard of it? Ya, neither had I until I had done a little research on the old Inter-web. The Unicorn Pub is an Irish Public House near Yonge and Eglington. While searching for chicken wing deals for a Tuesday, I came across this pub.

It was actually near Chick'n'Deli, another place I had checked out before the blog (not a good experience, but that's a story for another day) tucked away pretty good. I went in at around 2pm and it was dead inside, except for a few seniors watching the Olympics. The place is quite large inside, and I believe has live music fairly frequently. I can see a place like this being very packed on a weekend.

There was only one waitress/bartender for the whole restaurant, but unlike many places, I still got good service. The Unicorn Pub has similar decor to pubs all over the GTA, but despite having an entire section to myself, I still felt very comfortable and at home. But enough of the place, lets get down to the wings:


SIZE of WINGS: small but meaty
HEAT: (4/10) suicide was a very weak, peppery sauce
WET NAP FACTOR: 2/5, the top wings had little sauce, but the bottom was swimming
PRICE: I went on wing day, but normally: 1lb for $8.50, 2lbs for $15.95 and 3lbs $22.95


SAUCE CHOICE: mild/medium/hot/suicide/honey garlic/curry
SIDES: No sides on wing day, but the pic on the website shows veggies and dips
WETNAP: 2 wetnaps and a pile of napkins, the way it should be
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BATTERED: traditional pub deep fried wings
WING NIGHT: Tuesday all day: 1/2 price wings!!!

Unlike many other places on wing night (or day in this case), not only did the waitress inform me right off the bat that it was 1/2 price wings, but she encouraged lots of wings. Most places tend to hide their wing specials I find, and when I normally just order just an order of wings, they are like, nothing else? The Unicorn Pub could see my wing potential and ran with it.

However, my actual review of the wings were not great. Not bad, but not great. I could tell that if I had ordered the hot, the flavour would have been classic pub good. The Suicide here falls into the trap that many places have when trying to make wings hotter, by adding a peppery sauce which just ruins the taste in my opinion.

The onion rings were quite good (would have been excellent with Ranch dip) and my coke was good - I don't know if there was a problem with it or not, but it had a roasted caramel flavour to it, which was wonderful; not like there was too much syrup, but a caramel shot added to it. Nice.

Overall, The Unicorn Pub would be a place I would head to as my local pub, if it were local to me. Its not, and the generic wings were not good enough for me to warrant another trek out in search of mythical creatures.

The Unicorn Pub
175 Eglington Ave East, Toronto

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