Monday, 20 February 2006

The Big Slice, again

Before I get into a review, I've got some explaining to do. First, this is my wing week apparently, because I got wings tonight (unexpectedly), I'm getting wings tomorrow (probably) and the caf here in rez is serving wings on Wednesday. It may be post/review overload, but oh well, that's what the blog is about.

Tonight I got wings unexpectedly, as in I didn't expect to. Why, well I had a pretty bad evening. After having some personal issues, I was late for dinner and had to speed eat a small plate of Chestnut Tree Style Shanghai noodles to get to a meeting. I got to the meeting, only to find it was cancelled. I could have been doing something better, and had considered skipping class but I didn't for the meeting, and bam. So I took my sweet ass time getting to school, super pissed now. I get to class, talk to a few people, see people reading frantically. Then I ask someone what's the deal, since I missed class last week. EXAM. Wow I was not impressed as I had not studied or done readings for 2 weeks. Worst exam ever. So to try and cheer myself up, I stopped by The Big Slice for pizza and wings.

I know I've reviewed them before, but that was before the re-launch of the blog, so here is a more up-to-date version.


SIZE of WINGS: medium
HEAT: (4-5/10) they have a generic hot sauce that has no strong bite, but is tasty
WET NAP FACTOR: 3/5 they drizzle the sauce on just after frying
PRICE: $5 for 10 wings, $10 for 20 wings, $13 for 30 wings, and $16 for 40 wings
(pretty good prices for the size of wing)


SAUCE CHOICE: hot (which is more medium,even mild, and I didn't see any other choices)
SIDES: Nope , well blue cheese or ranch dip was $0.50 extra
WETNAP: no wetnaps, but its a pizza place, I'll forgive them
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BATTERED: deep fried, very simple
WING NIGHT: again, take-out pizza, no special nights
OTHER: They had Cherry Coke, and that puts them in the tops in my book

There's nothing fancy about The Big Slice, but its cheap (my giant slice of pepperoni pizza was $2.50) and its one of the best pizza's in the city. I love the grease factor that's involved in this thin crust masterpiece. While there is seating in this horrible aqua and yellow colour schemed place, its usually thugged out or filled with late night clubbers. I took my food on the go, but it is a great place to get food reeaaalllly late.

So is this the one Wing to rule them all? No, but it is a good classic chicken wing and a damn good slice of pizza.

The Big Slice
385 Yonge Street

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