Saturday, 18 February 2006

RECIPE: Ricky Patel's Thai/Indian Fusion Wings

Inspired by the last post, Ricky Patel, a member of the Fellowship of the Wing, sought to make a similar but tastier version of Rachel Rays. And he just might have succeded. Here is his step by step guide:

12 Chicken Wings
The Keg Chicken seasoning
Club House, No salt Chicken Seasoning
Vegetable Oil


PC Memories of Thailand: Chili Pepper Sauce
Maggi Tamarina - Tamarind Sauce
Water (for dilution)

Season wings with seasonings
Brown in frying pan, 3-5 mins each side
Mix glaze ingredients
Transfer wings to baking pan and pour glaze over
Put wings into oven at 400 F; Bake wings in oven for 10 mins
Turn wings and baste with glaze
Put back in oven for 10mins
Pour sauce off wings into stove top sauce pan, reduce sauce
Continue to bake wings until sauce reduced, pour over wings

Seasoning of Wings

Frying Wings

Thai/Indian Fusion Glaze

Fried Wings in Glaze Transfered to Baking Dish

The Finished Product

When asked how they turned out, I was given simple but to the point descriptor: Tasty
But when probed further, this is what I got back:

"Tasty, the chili pepper sauce gave it some kick, while having a sweet taste too. The tamarind sauce added a bit of sourness to the mix, for a full round sweet/sour/spicy flavour... the wings were juicy thank to the browning and cooking in the saucethe pre seasoning gave the right mix of salt pepper and a hint of dill flavour"

Overall, it sounds like a hit.

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