Thursday, 16 February 2006

JACK ASTOR's ~ Toronto ON

Ah Jack Astor's
With Dude on his last night in TO, we decided to hit somewhere we knew we'd get a decent meal in a very social atmosphere, and with Jack Astor's only a few blocks away, we were off. No longer the crazy family restaurant of yore, JA's seems to be following the trend of other similar restaurants (Kelseys, Caseys etc) of leaving behind the families and looking at the 20-30 something crowds. Trying to be chic, the atmosphere was loud and sociable, but the playing of the entire Nickleback album was not necessary.
The service was good, although being told the specials by both the hostess and the waiter was a little much. Just like when I go into a store, I do not like to be bothered until I ask for help. Do not suggest an appetizer; if I want your opinion I will ask it.
JA's has your traditional fare of burgers, pastas, with the ever increasing fusion of Indian, Asian salads etc. Dude went with the Burger, which looked grilled to perfection, but to his misfortune, was a little pinker in the middle than he would like. I ordered their Cheese Garlic Pan Bread, which is a butter soaked garlic loaf, and while looking beautiful, it had a faint yeasty/chloriny taste that left an aftertaste in the mouth. And of course, I ordered wings. So here's the deal:
SIZE of WINGS: medium, almost small (see complaint below)
HEAT: Hot was not (2.5/10) not even a tingling
WET NAP FACTOR: 1.5/5 - butter sauce that makes the wings juicy, not saucy
PRICE: $8.95, Regular(approx 8 wings)
SAUCE CHOICE: mild/med/hot/
SIDES: came with celery/carrots and a mayo/blue cheese dip
WETNAP: 1 wetnap, 1 napkin
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BATTERED: flour dusted in a butter sauce
WING NIGHT: no wing night advertised
OTHER: free refills on pop
The wings were not bad, but not traditional in any sense of the word. Actually, those strange people out there that normally don't like wings would probably enjoy this mild, butter flavoured wings. I was NOT impressed with the false advertising on the menu that stated "Jumbo" wings, which were clearly not.
So in the end, nice atmosphere, decent food, but not a wing for the Fellowship.

Jack Astor's
144 Front St. W Toronto (and various other franchised locations)

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