Tuesday, 28 February 2006


Weekend at BRAMANDA's continued to Saturday, where a feast was begun. Amanda was going to prepare her famous Vegetarian Veggie Free Lasagna, while Brad bought enought chicken wings to feed a small army. He had a variety of ideas for preparing the wings, but he also looked to me to come up with some ideas. Together, we forged 6 different recipes, with mixed results.

To start with, the wings were the full size wings, so we had Joe cut the wingette from the drumstick. While he was doing that, Brad and I developed the 6 different sauces, which were marinated for several hours in batches of about 6 wings per sauce. After the marinade, about 3 wings from each sauce was put into a dusting of flour, garlic powder, sweet smoked paprika and a bit of kosher salt, then baked for about 40 mins, turning the wings over about 20 mins into cooking.

Here is the approximation of the recipes and their small review. Please keep in mind we didn't measure, nor record exactly what we put in. A splash is a lot of something, while a dash is several drops. I know, very scientific. These pictures are the marinade process.
1) Jonny Walker BBQ Wings
-Jonny Walker Red Label (splashes)
-Ketchup (splashes)
-HP Sauce (splashes)
-Balsamic Pepper sauce (dashes)
These wings turned out pretty good. BBQ is hard to do badly, and these were a tasty sauce.
I think the JW and the Balsamic Pepper sauce got lost in the HP and Ketchup, which was a good base to start with.
2) Viper Wings

-3rd Degree Sauce (splashes)
-Sweet Smoker Paprika (heavy sprinkling)

This is a quick sauce that I did at the end with 2 flavours I really didn't fit into the recipes.
I personally liked them and would have liked to strengthen the SSP which was overpowered by the 3rd Degree, but its one I would do again. Not so popular with the others though.

3) Thai-Indo Wings

-Tandoooir powder
-Sichuan sauce

This sauce probably worked out the best. It looked great, its dark red colour, and the flavour combo of heat and sweet was great. Definetly the most popular wing.

4) Soromon Wings

-Dantes Sauce
-Red Cayenne Pepper
-Crushed Red Flakes
-Red Chili Pepper
-Sichuan Sauce

We tried to create the hottest wing to rule them all. We failed. This wing had bite, but not as much bite as it should have had, considering the ingredients we used. The flavour wasn't anything to write home about.

5) Sweet Garlic Wings

-Chili Garlic Sauce
-Plum Sauce

These were my least favourite wings. I was not a fan of the chili-garlic sauce, and the plum sauce made for a sweet wing, which is not usually my favourite.

6) Dragon Wings

Sweet n Spicy Posted by Picasa

-Tangy Thai Sauce
-Honey Garlic Ginger
-Dantes Sauce

Based on a wing sauce at a restaraunt in Cambridge I think, this one had the most difficulty working. Despite being submersed in marinade, it did not stick, and in cooking the sauce drained off easily, leaving a bare wing in the oven. These were basted again for a second cooking. That helped, but I think following the same methods Ricky did in his Indian-Thai Fusion Wings was probably better way to go.

, the lasagna was good, the wings tasty and the hours of Halo playing were enjoyed by all.

To see more pictures, go to lotwphotoalbum.blogspot.com

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