Sunday, 19 February 2006


Here's a review from the Fellowship's very own, Brad Thorpe

Hello fellow wing lovers, Brad here. I'm the hobbit of the group, I can't handle the suicide wings like the rest of the fellowship however that doesn't make me less of a man errrr Hobit. I love the medium to hot wings, and hold the opinion that these types of wings provide more flavour to savour, instead of burning and yearning for water.

This is my first wing review for Lord of the Wings, and the first restaurant to be reviewed; Montana's. Oh what's that, it will be a 80 minute wait? I think I'll go somewhere else thanks.

My first wing review is at the chain of family restaurants favoured by the greyer haired members of society; Smitty's! Known for their excellent breakfasts and healthy portions.

The very pleasant waitress came, took our orders, and had our drinks served quickly. Did I mention she was nice? A little too nice. That variety of "nice" you see in people who work with the elderly. Much like Jason Swartzmans character in Rushmore; she will find becoming a senior an easy transition.

I ordered a small flatbread pizza and of course, wings. Now I'm not a big fan of wings that you have to dip, but these were pretty good!


SIZE of WINGS: medium to small
HEAT: Even for me, the Hot was not quite there (2.5/10) mild after-tingle
WET NAP FACTOR: 0/5 - since you are dipping the wings, you can avoid saucy fingers
PRICE: $4.99, half order of 6 wings, $8.95 for 12


SIDES: No sides, unless you plan on eating the bed of soggy lettuce they came on
WETNAP: 0 wetnap, 1 napkin
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BATTERED: an especially crunchy house batter, then deep fried
WING NIGHT: no wing night advertised
OTHER: They gave a very large bowl of sauce

This restaurant really doesn't specialize in chicken wings, but considering this, they did a good job. The crunchy wings were tasty, and the sauce was not bad. The sauce was a sweet / jalepeno flavoured sauce, very generic but good.

The final word; retirement home atmosphere, good quality food, but not for the Fellowship of the Wing.

(Jeff's Addition: what's with the giant lettuce on the plate of the wings???)

Smitty's Family Restaraunt
139 George Street North, Peterborough (and various other locations)

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