Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Philthy McNasty's

Yes Virginia, there is a Philthy McNasty's.
Although the name gave the impression of some sort of harlots den, or a Hooters type place, this replacement for the former Peel Pub really was more of a sports bar than anything. Service was friendly (both male and female) but not super efficient,considering the place was nearly empty. It was Monday night, and I imaginethat on a Friday or a game night, it would be packed.

Accompanied by Dude, we sat at a booth equipped with cable television,in the case that we didn't really come out for each other's company but the food.

The food is typical sports bar fare: burgers, wings, sandwiches etc. Butagain, I was there on a mission. Before going into the score of the wings, I was excited by the fact that they had Foolish Wings, in which I was required tosign a waiver . . .

SIZE of WINGS: medium at best
HEAT: Hot flavoured was less than medium (4/10),
Foolish was a slow, peppery burn, 81/2 /10)
WET NAP FACTOR: 2/5 not a wet sauce
PRICE: Wing Dings(w/fries) $10.79, Regular(approx 8 wings)
$8.99, Large(16 approx) $14.59, Team Wings 34.99

Cajun, honey garlic, mild/med/hot/suicide, Foolish
SIDES: came with celery/carrots and blue cheese dip, fries extra
WETNAP: no wetnap and few napkins
DEEP FRIED, GRILLED, BATTERED: battered wings, tossed in a
light sauce
WING NIGHT: Wednesday Nights 1/2 Price

Although I had to sign a waiver, it was not needed. It was a good burn and itlasted after the meal, but the flavour was not tasty. Dude did not handle the Foolish wing well (see photo). The Hot wings were nothing to write home about.While I wouldn't really recommend Philthy McNasty's wings, the Perogies that Dude had were the best Perogies in North America I've had yet.

Philthy McNasty's
276 King Street West

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