Tuesday, 5 December 2017

#nonwingsunday - Harvey's Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich

A few days late, but here is my #nonwingsunday post, Harvey's Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

This sandwich has been around for a while, but I don't think I officially reviewed it. It's pretty simple - a crispy fried chicken patty that's dunked in Buffalo sauce. Then, in the Harvey's tradition, you top it with the toppings you want:

I have to admit, growing up Harvey's was the last burger place I wanted to go as a kid. I don't know why, I always enjoyed the burger. I mean the meat patty is kinda sausage-y, the toppings were always fresh, and they have onion rings. Now that I'm older, I appreciate this Canadian burger. My standard burger go to is tomatoes, shredded lettuce (so glad they brought this back after the leaf lettuce fiasco) red onion, pickles, hot peppers, jalapenos with mayo and hot sauce. Yum.

But the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is another beast. And this time I didn't go for my regular toppings. This time I went with red onion, pickles and mayo. Normally I'd get lettuce, tomato and hot peppers as well.

If you haven't had this sandwich, it comes on a soft burger bun. They place the fried, hot sauced dunked chicken burger on the bun first. I like this chicken patty because it is crispy, seasoned well and had a great crispy/crunchy texture. The Buffalo sauce is a little syrup-like and not buttery like a true Buffalo sauce,  but it is tangy and has a bit of a bite. That sauce sticks to the burger and is very saucy, but the chicken doesn't get soggy.

I find Harvey's always has fresh toppings, and the red onions brought that mild heat and crispness. The pickles bring that sour zingyness that heightens the hot sauce. Mayo adds a bit of heat relief (not that this is really spicy. I do admit I think I missed out on not adding the lettuce and tomato to balance out the rest of the sandwich.

If you like the taste of Buffalo Wings in sandwich form, I think you might like this. I do. How would you top yours?

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