Sunday, 10 December 2017

#nonwingsunday - 3 Cheese Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno

Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with 3 cheeses. Let that sink in for a moment.

This has been a go to for me at  many parties, catered events or dinner parties. I even completely burned the bacon by accident at one dinner party and people still scarfed them down.

You can bake them or do them on the BBQ. Here they were baked in the oven. They are basting in the overflow of melted cheese and bacon grease. So good. These were lovingly made by my wife and mother under my instruction as I was focusing on making wings.

As I asked on Instagram, increasingly I hear people calling these jalapeno poppers. Now for me, a Jalapeno popper is cheese stuffed (usually cream cheese) jalapeno that is breaded and deep fried, like this:

If anything, what I made is an ATB (Atomic Buffalo Turd). Thoughts on this? What do you call it? What is the naming history here?


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