Thursday, 31 January 2013

M&M's Jumbo Crispy Buffalo Wings

DEC 2012

I spent New Years with LJ's family, and they know me so well that they went out and bought chicken wings for me to have while I was there. They are the best.

They had purchased from M&M's Meat Shop the "Jumbo Crispy Buffalo Wings." It had been a long time since I had M&M wings, but I certainly didn't remember them as jumbo. Maybe things had changed? Although reading that the 2lbs of wings for 14-20 wings promising.

I found the message on the box cute: "Thank you for inviting us to your table." I found it interesting that they have both oven and barbecue as cooking option.

Inside the box, the wings are kept in a plastic bag. They certainly looked big in the bag.

This box had 16 wings inside. Not a lot of wings, but they looked pretty big. They went into the oven at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes (as per the directions).

They were flipped once, and after about 40 minutes these wings were ready. Some of the chicken stuck to the pan, which was unfortunate.

The breading on the wing made it extremely crispy. Every bite had that crunch/crackle like a piece of fried chicken. Some of it felt a little too thick.

So were they jumbo? Yes. These were massive wings. I mean they were physically heavy to lift. Very meaty too. They were relatively tender. And heavy.

Time to rant.

M&M's advertises these as Buffalo Wings. IN NO WAY ARE THESE BUFFALO WINGS. NO. WAY. Buffalo wings are a) deep fried b) have no breading or coating c) are tossed in a cayenne/butter/vinegar sauce mixture.  These wings are none of the above. How can they sell these as Buffalo wings?

How did they taste? OK. Really all you can taste is the breading. There is some spice in the breading mixture, but it's weak. What would make this better? Buffalo sauce. You know, like they are advertised as.

Would I get them on my own - yes I actually would. But I would totally have to sauce them.

Thanks LJ's family for thinking of me and feeding me. Happy New Years!
M&M Meat Shop's Jumbo Crispy Buffalo Wings


Chris said...

Well they are huge! Buffalo, not so much.

Evelyn Polanco said...
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Rodrigo Mukhopadhyay said...

Woah! Man, those are some chicken wings! When my friends come over for a ball game, we usually bring a dozen of wings for each person. This changes everything. We could have the liberty of ordering two packages of this. We’ll just compensate for the dip by making our own jalapeno scorching hot dip. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing, bro.

Rodrigo Mukhopadhyay

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely horrible. Disgusting, inedible and not worth the price (nor half the price).

Avoid like the plague unless you enjoy eating fat, and more than a few feathers.


Anonymous said...

These wings are gross and the breading is way too thick and stays kinda soggy. Had to throw them away and I was starving. Pissed off and a waste of cash.

Anonymous said...

Yummy in my tummy