Saturday, 19 January 2013

London Ribfest 2012


The August long weekend is bitter sweet for me. It's sad because it's the last long weekend of the summer for me (I have to work through Labour Day Weekend ironically), but it's always exciting because it's Ribfest long weekend in London Ontario.

It was a beautiful day to wander around Victoria park, taking in the sights, the people and the food.

There had been rain earlier that had kept crowds away, but soon the sun was out, and the lineups for smokey meat did not take long to form.

Ribfest is part fair, part food fest, part BBQ junkie meet up.

Originally it was just me and LJ at Ribfest, with Ricky unable to make it. Originally Amanda and Brad couldn't come, but then they showed up and surprised me. Amanda got these panzarottis. As a non-meat eater, she asked the vendor if the sauce was meatless. They said yes. They failed to mention that there was meat in the panzarotti. Amanda should have asked I guess . . . but she enjoyed her first few bites!

I love that for blocks away you can smell the smoke from the ribs. What a wonderful smell.

If ribs aren't your thing, theres chip trucks and corn, fudge and wings, sandwiches and lemonade - I shared a deep fried mars bar with LJ - so good.

Then there were the 10 BBQ Vendors. Mostly familiar setups like Jack the Ribber, Fire Island BBQ, Pistol Pete and of course Boss Hogg BBQ. So many others too.

I love just watching the ribbers grill, smoke and sauce the food. It's so carnal and primitive. Cue Tim 'Tool man' Taylors grunts.

Brad, looking a little creepy and hipsterish went with a pulled pork sandwich.

I don't remember where he got it from, but it was chalk full of pork. He said it was too saucy for his liking. It looked right to me!


Chris said...

I love the smell of any food festival, BBQ or not. And funnel cakes are a must. The story about the panzarottis was hilarious!

Now I have to learn about what a panzarotti is.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - its one of the best smells ever! And a panzarotti is like a calzone ... I don't know the difference though.