Saturday, 2 February 2013

10 BUCK PIZZA ~ Tillsonburg ON


DEC 2012

I was home for the holidays and while cruising around my hometown I saw a new pizza place. The location, across from Annandale school, has been a number of places - the last I remember was a Godfather Pizza joint, but it might have been something since then.

What caught my eye was the big chicken in the window and the picture of wings with their pizza on the main sign.

There seemed to be a ton of specials on wings and pizza and a bunch of other eats. I don't know if this is a new chain or if its just local, but I thought I should try it out. It was late at night, but the staff were busy running around inside getting things ready.

There is some seating inside, but it's really a take-out place. There was a sizable menu, but I was just focusing on the wings. 2 things jumped off the menu at me: 1) Buffalo Wings (would they really be Buffalo?) 2) "Biggest Wings in Town!" (would they really be the big, let alone the biggest?  I placed my order, and 15 minutes I had my take-out.

The wings were in a styrofoam container, which meant I had to eat them quick before they steamed themselves out of crispiness. The smell wasn't that appetizing from the box . . . I had a lot of things to be worried about these wings.

I opened them up  . . . and was very surprised by jumbo, beautiful looking wings.

Wings come in sizes of 1/2 pound, 1 pound, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I went with a pound of wings. I figured that it wouldn't be very much. I was wrong.

The wings were truly jumbo wings. Hands down the largest in town. Long, plump and meaty wings. The best part was that they were crispy and the meat was tender. The wings seemed to be dusted, and they are deep fried. This gives the skin an extra crispiness, and it held up well to the little lake of sauce in the container.

I went with suicide. When I watched the girl behind the counter making my wings, I saw her pour a jug of sauce over them. It looked like a Third Degree bottle, but the sauce didn't seem like pure 3rd Degree - it had more dimension to it - maybe mixed with something. It was very tasty.

I was blown away - I was really only expecting sub-par wings, but these were superb. These were jumbo in length and meatiness. They were perfectly crispy with a little dusting and a little snap to the wing skin. The sauce might have been something bottled, but it was tasty and had some spicy heat to it. For a pizza joint's take-out wings, these were simply awesome. 8.5/9

10 Buck Pizza
67 Tillson Ave, Tillsonburg ON


Chris said...

Wow, I think that might be the highest score ever. Have you ever had a perfect score?

Those are huge, there must be a wingless pterodactyl walking around somewhere!

Jessica said...

They are so good! You have no idea. I've been there a few times, and they have always been great. The only thing I can say is that we went once and whoever made them didn't put enough sauce on - but they are still AMAZING. Hand's down the best tasting wings I've had

Anonymous said...

Hands down awesome wings, I prefer them naked with hot sauce, BTW naked = no dusting or extra calorie breaded crap, just naked lathered in your favorite sauce!

Anonymous said...

Everyone must not have agreed....Tillsonburg ten buck pizza has gone out of business....