Thursday, 24 January 2013



Across from our hotel the Circus Circus is the Riviera Casino. Inside they have, well a crappy little food court. We were getting a late lunch/ early supper and were desperate. LJ went to a Mexican place, but I was drawn to Buffalo Wings.

I was pumped.  I mean, there wasn't anything else in this place I wanted in the first place, but a chicken wing joint? Awesome.

I wasn't super hungry, so I wasn't going to try all the things I would have wanted to (waffle fries, potato skins, jalapeno poppers). I went with their combo of 12 wings (split into two flavours) with fries (I went with curly fries) and a drink.

The lady behind the counter took my order. I watched her take the wings out of a plastic bag that went into the deep fryer. Not impressive, but oh well. 10 minutes later I had my order.

Styrofoam and tinfoiled wings. Mmmmm.

The curly fries were ok. There was no seasoning to them, so they just end up being fun shaped fries.

My blue cheese dip. Standard, tasty, and had chunks of blue cheese. There were also veggies to dip, but I didn't need them.

Wings come in denominations from 6 to 75 to 100.

The wings were a variety of sizes: mostly medium to large, but there were some small ones too. A real hodgepodge. Also some were roughly cut so there might be chunks of the tip still partially attached. I just imagined them buying these wings from some sketchy dealer where they are dirt cheap.

Even though they were fresh out of the fryer, they were not crispy. And there was a ton of sauce, which also made them soggy. They were not enjoyable.


They have mild, then hot, then suicide. That tells me that Hot is actually medium and Suicide is actually hot. There was no real heat to them.

 Flavour wise Suicide was ok. It didn't seem like Buffalo sauce. Well it did, just not that great a take on them.


I split the flavours I wanted to sample some of the menu. I wanted to go with Hot BBQ, but figured Suicide would be good enough. So I went with Honey BBQ. The Honey BBQ was also, ok. A little HFCS-ish sweet. 


Well, the whole wing dinner was a failure. I kept going back and forth between the wings not because I wanted to go back and forth, but I didn't want to keep eating the wings. In fact, I couldn't even finish them. Soggy, sickly sweet sauces and untender chicken. No thank you, no thank you. 3.5/9
photo courtesy of Google street view

Buffalo Wings
2901 S Las Vegas Boulevard (inside the Riviera Casino/Hotel), Las Vegas NV USA


Chris said...

Food service wings .... meh!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - meh is right. I feel let down by the excitement of a wing place.