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DOMINO's PIZZA: Pan Crust Pizza & Wings

DEC 2012

Domino's Pizza has been doing a bunch of re-tooling in the past few years. Back in December I saw some ads on TV for their new Pan Pizza. I was hungry, and that sounded good.

Oh, there was also the above ad. Perfect timing. So I ordered, and in 30 minutes or less I had my pizza. Oh, and I couldn't just have pizza, I also went with some wings.

I opened the box and I was excited - I mean this pizza looked pretty sweet.

My three toppings were pepperoni, onion and sausage. I love the little sausage balls. And this pizza was not skimping on toppings.

When I think of 'pan' pizza, I think Pizza Hut. Domino's knows this, and in their ads even attack Pizza Hut by talking about how the 'other guy' uses frozen dough, while Domino's uses fresh dough. The last time I had Pizza Hut I was disappointing in their pizza, so couldn't Domino's recreate the pan goodness I had had a long time ago?

Yes, yes it could. This crust was awesome. It was flaky, buttery and chewy. Everything a pan crust pizza should be. Now to be honest, I do not like the sauce. Too tomatoey and it dominates the pizza. I prefer a sauce with less of a statement. If you overlook the sauce, this was a great pizza pie.

And then there were the wings.

I reviewed Domino's wings back in 2008, and I didn't care for them. So maybe things were different?

Nope. I had hoped with all the retooling the franchise was doing, they would fix the wings. Not yet. Not yet.

The chicken ranged from small to medium but the shapes were also all over the place. Now the wings were very meaty.They were also very tender. But there was a complete lack of crispiness to the wings. You can see the above wing is soggy. To begin with, the wings are baked, which does not make for crispy wings. But then floating in sauce just makes for a soggy mush.

The flavour was slightly spicy, which is surprising. The sauce was also buttery, but it was also sweet for some reason. A little bit would taste great, but there was so much that it become revolting after a while. Chemicals I guess.

The Pan Crust pizza was awesome. Loved it. I hate Domino's pizza sauce, but everything made for a quality pizza. The wings are terrible in my opinion. Like the frozen kind you get from the grocery store. The chicken is super tender and meaty, but the soggy skin and lake of sauce turn this into a terrible option. The wings should be crispy, not a mess. 2.5/09

Dominos Pizza

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I'm not a fan of Dominoes :(