Thursday, 17 June 2010

Which Dip with Your Wings POLL

Recently I had yet another pub in Ottawa serve sour cream with my wings. This boggles my mind. Blue Cheese is the traditional dip served with wings and veggies. Eventually places started using Ranch. A few unique places have Dill. And in Ottawa the norm seems to be Sour Cream. I did a little piece on dips a while back, but I want to know, WHICH DIP WITH YOUR WINGS?

Have you had any other kind of dips served to you with wings? Do you dip your wings or just your veggies? Write in the comments what you like/don't like! We'll keep checking for one week and lets see what what people think.


Teena in Toronto said...

Given a choice, I'll take dill. But I like ranch too.

But there's nothing wrong with au naturel!

Ricky Patel said...

And there's nothing wrong with Sour Cream.... I wouldn't have thought so but I was recently at a restaurant in Akron, OH and on a plate of spicy pakoras, was a dollop of sour cream. At first I thought "strange?"...but then after tasting I thought "it works". It's a cool and tangy partner for spicy food, without being overflavourful (as bleu cheese can be). And good ranch and dill is just basically flavoured sour cream isn't it?

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - Choices choices choices!

Ricky - I'm not saying there is anything wrong with sour cream as a condiment in general . . . but I think wings deserve more. Yes ranch and dill are sour cream based, they are elevated to a new level worthy of wings. But then again, I generally don't dip the wings in the first place anyway ~ that's what the veggies are for. And I don't dip veggies in sour cream.

Jason Wayne Riddell said...

I'd go with blue cheese but the thinner kind, im not so big on the thick and creamy kind