Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blog Friends are eating wings!

Some of my online friends have been having wings recently!

foodiePrints was out at Patty Bolands having appetizers, and they just happened to sample some wings (I'm going to try an not judge for the 'honey garlic' ;) )

They do look big, fresh and tasty!

Also, Teena over at Teena in Toronto was also out recently. She went to the Twisted Kilt (what a great pub name!) where she was also having wings.

These too look really yum.

I may not have had wings lately, but I can live vicariously through some great bloggers!


Teena in Toronto said...

The wings at the Twisted Kilt were indeed delish! And big too!

Ricky Patel said...

I went to the Orchard Park Duff's last week (The night the Blackhawks won the cup). I didn't get any pictures but I will say the wings were a bit disapointing compared to previous duffs outings... The were kinda dry, overcooked. Sauce was good (had the Hot BBQ) and the fries, as always, hard to stop eating!

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - They look it!

Ricky - That is so sad. At least the fries and sauce was good. It must have been packed for the Blackhawks squadron dealie?

Chris said...

Those look really good, especially the ones Teena had.

I've got two packs of turkey wings I'm trying to cook this weekend, should be interesting.