Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I Survived the Ottawa 2010 Earthquake

Here is a quick photo of some chicken wings in the "Great Ottawa  Earthquake of 2010":

You'll notice the wings aren't really moving. That's because they didn't. Neither did much around here. 

If you didn't hear, we had an Earthquake near Ottawa that was felt in the West as far as Kitchener I hear and as far East as Montreal. About 5-5.5  I felt it here, and thought it was nearby construction blasting at the rock bed, but it was much louder and stronger. Then it kept going and stuff in the apartment was rattling and shaking. I was like, 'holy &%#!, it's an earthquake!' and decided to move to the doorway. It wasn't crazy and only lasted like 20 seconds. I would have taken pictures of the quake, but of what? I could just as easily shake the camera. 

 Eventually the news picked it up and so far no one hurt and it seems like minor damage here and there (broken windows, shaken old walls etc.). I was never scared (excited actually) and there have yet to be any aftershocks as of writing this. So it never felt serious, but watching news and Twitter made it entertaining. Some people very scared, others taking it as lightly as I did. 

Here is @ALL_CAPS and some of his hilarious tweets that got me through the crisis: 

  • RT: Earthquake caused by massive concentration of bullshit at G20 meeting. #2012
  • Thanks to the earthquake, I can measure the Speed of News. Twitter: 20 seconds Radio: 20 minutes Television: 35 minutes Newspaper: Tomorrow.
  • Good to know that during a crisis, BBM will collapse. Where is your God now, BlackBerry users?
  • Toronto's ego is having a hard time letting go of the fact that it wasn't the epicentre of the earthquake.
  • I love how the earthquake has brought us all closer together…on Twitter and SMS. So not really closer together at all.
  • just went and burned my enemy's house down. Everyone will suspect the earthquake. #PerfectPlan

Here are some funny one's over at BlogTO: "Some of the Funniest Tweets about the Tremors"

It was a great distraction for an afternoon and I've heard the patios and pubs are filled downtown. No word if there are any pre-quake wing specials though. 


Jason Wayne Riddell said...

we felt the quake here too in Hamilton/Stoney Creek border. Thats pretty crazy.

Teena in Toronto said...

I was driving on the QEW and didn't feel a thing!

Chris said...

Those tweets are hilarious! The Toronto one was the funniest. We had a similar quake wake us up a few years ago and your reaction was like ours, "Holy $*#( that was our first earthquake!.......COOL!"

Lord of the Wings said...

Jason - That is crazy. I just talked to friends in London who felt it.

Teena - spared the quake!

Chris - I remember a very small tremor when I was young, but this was much different (especially having been several stories up). Still exciting though!