Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Return to The Georgetown


Yet another way over due post!

Last year I stopped into a sports pub down in the Glebe Old Ottawa South and had some great wings. The Georgetown Sports Pub's wings were so good I ended up naming them the Best Wings Ottawa of all the places I reviewed in 2009. But I had not been back since. A little worried that they might not be as good as they used to, or that I got good wings as a fluke, I wanted to go back and make sure that they still had game. Coming back from being out of town, and with LJ in tow, we were off to Georgetown.

The place was busy this time. A very interesting crowd mix which I would break down into 3 groups: students from nearby Carleton University, older/middle aged men from some sort of team (running? soccer? either way they were sweaty) and a couple of elderly gentleman at the bar (not together). In fact, the older man sitting at the bar with his laptop could just as easily have been the guy sitting at the bar in this photo from last time.

One of my favourite version of french fries, is lattice fries. If you are not familiar with lattice fries, they are a specially cut potato with criss/cross cuts, leaving little holes. They are usually crispy, with fluffy potato inside. LJ and I love these. We also love nachos. And The Georgetown combines them both.

'Southwest Spudachos' are "Corn battered lattice cut potato, topped with pico de gallo, chipotle ranch sauce, melted Monterey jack and mozzarella cheese served with a side of sour cream" and LJ added beef to the dish. They were crispy and cheesy, and didn't get too soggy despite the cheese and sauce.

I was re-sampling the wings this night. They were big and crispy, just like last time I had them. They are a large wing that is meaty, but they aren't tough or rubbery like some place with their 'mutant' wings.

I decided to try a couple flavours of wings (since it was wing night) and they had added more flavours since I was here last. Some of the new ones include:

  • Spicy Thai
  • Hickory Smoke
  • BBQ Mild/BBQ Medium
  • Frank's Sweet Heat BBQ
  • Hot n Honey
Orange Sesame seems to be gone now. Then there are some "Imported Australian Spices" that are $0.50 extra:
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Pepperberry
  • Chipotle & Forestberry
There was also another new dry spice, Bone Dust BBQ. I went with a Hickory Smoke, Suicide and Bone Dust BBQ.


I don't know if this is `King of the Q` Ted Reader's Bone Dust rub or their own recipe, but it was a tasty seasoning. It's hard to see it because the colour blends in with the crispy wing skin, but it is there.

The flavour was pretty mild. You really had to savour each bite to pick up the hint of this BBQ rub. I'd like something a bit more bold personally.

Keeping with a slight 'que' theme I went with their regular BBQ sauce (as opposed to their mild/medium BBQ). I just had it on the side to accent the Bone Dust if it was too dry a dry rub.

I won't lie to you, as I write this a loooonnnnnngggg time after I had actually eaten them, I ah, well I don't remember the details of the flavour of this sauce. I know, my bad. Usually I have a 'taste of mouth' memory that can recall flavours and this time, no deal. I remember it was sweet, but clearly nothing overly memorable.


For those of you smarty pants that remember when I went last time or just re-read the review now, you will note that I had suicide wings then. Yes I did. But I remembered that they didn't have a set recipe for suicide, so I decided to try it again.

It was a very different sauce this time. And I liked this one even more. It was very close to Moose Winooski's Forest Fire Hot, only hotter. They were sweet like BBQ, with a very nice kick of heat. Pepper seeds and chucks of jalapeno add to the flavour mix. I don't think I would classify the heat as 'suicide' but it was definetely a good kick.

The only thing I will never understand about Ottawa place with wings is the frigg'n sour cream. Not a worthy wing dip. But praise worthy wings. I really enjoyed the suicide sauce. A lot.  I'll be back again, and maybe I will sample one of their Australian flavours . . .

The Georgetown Sports Pub1159 Bank Street, Ottawa


Teena in Toronto said...

I don't eat sour cream ... take it away!

Looks like you had a great selection of wings. Next time I'm in Ottawa, I'll check 'em out.

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - I want sour cream with nachos or potato skins etc. Not chicken wings. I don't know how good the beer selection is there though . . .

Chris said...

Sour cream is perfect for quesadillas and such. But wings? Odd. Very odd. If you're going to settle, at least give me some Ranch Dressing if not Blue Cheese.

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - That is what I'm saying. Blue Cheese, ranch, even dill dip can be good. But not sour cream.

Anonymous said...

this pub is in old ottawa south. old ottawa south is a wonderful part of town and deserves its own recognition!

Lord of the Wings said...

Anon - Sorry ~ I'm still learning Ottawa, and it is a wonderful part of town that deserves recognition! I have changed that info in the blog. Thanks for the info.