Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Willy`s Pizza ~ Ottawa On

With the preparation for the holidays in full swing and the long trip home growing nearer, our shelves and kitchen became more empty and the time and energy to cook reservoir was also becoming depleted. Enter delivery. Pizza was in order, and both LJ and I were willing to give yet another Ottawa pizza place a chance.

Willy's. What can I say. Didn't know anything about them really, but the playful name made me think they might have good pizza, and hopefully, good wings. We ordered their pizza and wing combo, and in less than 45 minutes we had our pie and poultry.

Our three topping pizza was strip bacon, pineapple and red onion. It wasn't listed but we asked for thin crust (trying to avoid the Ottawa-style pizza with thick crust and cheese on top). Looks like we got just a good old fashion pizza.

The bacon was crisp but still pliable, the cheese was slightly browned, the crust was not 'thin-thin' but it was very nice. The sauce was mild. Maybe we just haven't had good pizza in a while, but this was good. Not perfect, but it was probably the best pizza we've had in the Capital since moving here.

Our combo came with two dips: we went with Willy's Garlic, which is a thick, homemade Lebanese style garlic sauce. The other was Creamy Cajun from Hellman's, which was ok, but went mostly untouched.

Oh ya, and there was a slightly crumpled container of wings, suicide style.

I opened the crumbled Styrofoam and took in the wings. Not going to lie, things didn't look good.

What we had were 15 wings that seemed to have been breaded, then baked? I couldn't really tell.

The wings were a medium sized wing, maybe some up to a medium-large. While the chicken might have been meaty, these wings were really dried out inside, compounding the problem of the non-crispy skin. It was more leathery than anything.

They were tossed in suicide sauce, but suicide these were not. Almost no heat. Its hard when your pain threshold is above average, because I don't know if this was just the wrong order or just a pathetic suicide.

FINAL SCORE: I enjoyed the pizza. It really hit the spot. I did not enjoy the wings. Dried out, under flavoured and nothing exciting.

You win some, you lose some.


Willy's Pizza

102B McEwan Ave, Ottawa (and other locations)

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