Thursday, 21 January 2010

Checkers Classic Wing Commercial

I have never eaten at checkers. I don't think there are any in Canada, and I've never seen one on my travels through the States, but I sure do see a lot of commercials for them. The seem like our Fast Eddie's up here, only with a bigger menu. I'd love to try them. Especially since I've seen them start to advertise Classic Chicken Wings:

They look mighty tasty (despite the crazy people flapping their arms. Those 5 kicking flavours are:

  • Medium Buffalo (featuring FRANK’S Red Hot® Buffalo Wing Sauce)
  • Savory Honey BBQ
  • Sweet ’n spicy Asian Kick
  • Insanely hot Angry Buffalo
  • Rich and buttery Garlic Parmesan

I'm sure the Angry Buffalo is not insanely hot.

Anyone been to Checkers? How was it? Have you had the wings?


Ricky P. said...

I don't know....Angry Buffalo's do generate a lot of may say an insane amount of heat if the buffalo was angry enough...

I've seen these on my trips to Ohio...I've never stopped at one though, maybe I will next time I'm through and give you a report...or maybe it's a stop on the next Great Wing Tour??

Chris said...

I went to a Checkers long time ago in Florida. They were pretty much like Rally's, sloppy drive through burgers fast and cheap. Never had the wings.

I didn't realize they were even open still, if they are.

CUFF Buffalo said...

If you're talking about the angry buffalo sauce words can not express how incredibly hot it is. Seriously for hours after tasting it my mouth was still burning!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Ricky - Great Wing Tour II? Let's do it!

@Chris - Rally's is another place I need to try. I'm getting hungry now.

@pkrehbiel - Hot eh? Good to know. I love sauces that keep burning for a long time afterwards.