Saturday, 23 January 2010

The New Complete Book of Chicken Wings

Look what I found at my local library:

"Take a break from haute cuisine and have yourself a wingding!"

A chicken wing recipe book, from 1989! AND its Canadian!

Certainly a book before it's time. The emphasis here is that wings are inexpensive (oh those were the days!) and easy to cook. So easy, Joie Warner, the author of the book, cooks several different kinds at once; deep frying one batch while another is baking while yet another is stir-frying. Awesome.

Unfortunately there are very few photos (I think I've posted 50% of them) and the photos are black and white. That would be ok, but the quality is terrible. See the photo above? It's not crisp or clear not because of my scanning, but the quality in the book. Too bad.
There are a lot of chicken wing recipes in here, over 70. I was surprised at how some of the recipes I thought were new ideas, but were clearly established long ago. I also really appreciate Warner's commitment to Buffalo Wings - as in proper classification, sauce, cooking, even down to how a Buffalo Wing should be cut up.

Is there anything your public library can't do?


Ricky P said...

I just did a quick search of the London public library, and there is a older version of this book too. What you have is the "New" version. The older one comes from 1985 apparently.

Chris said...

Frenched chicken wings, amazing!

Lord of the Wings said...

Ricky - yes, when I did research I did read about the older version. Way to keep 'currant' London Public Library.

Chris - so much you can do!

Ricky P. said...

I would normally let it slide, but since you put it in single quotes, I've got to wonder if it's some form of humor that is "over my head". Currant or Current?

And for the record, LPL has both versions listed in their catalog, but only actually seem to have the 1989 version for loan.

Lord of the Wings said...

Ricky - oh Rick, ever finding little mistakes. Yes, I ment current, but in my typing haste, spelt the fruit. You got me.