Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fast Eddie's ~ Brantford ON

Living in Ottawa, and Toronto before that, has given me an appreciation of the eateries and differences from when I grew up in Southwestern Ontario. Although most things are the same, there are subtle nuances that make different parts of the province unique. So over the holiday when I found myself in Brantford Ontario running errands, I found a symbol and memory of a time long ago - of my youth, of freedom, of some cheap, good food.

While in Brantford I had been hoping to check out a wing place or two people have told me about, but due to time and one being closed on a Monday, I found myself mid-errand hungry and in a hurry. Enter Fast Eddies. This is a small chain of burger places that are completely drive-thru's (or walk up to the front window and order and find a picnic table in nicer weather).

My fond memories are going through with my parents on many trips to the Telephone City, or Simcoe, but also good memories going with friends on road trips of freedom from home.

Fast Eddies is about cheap, fast food. Nothing fancy. There's a decent amount of choice, and the most expensive combo is about $5.99.

It's kind of like McDonald's, only the prices are still decent for smallish fare. My favourite item here is usually the Crazy Fries, or chili cheese fries, but something else caught my eye. I went for the 'Chicken Wing Burger' combo, with one important change.

I love the fries at Fast Eddies. They are shoestring, crispy but still a bit limp, and they are served in a paper bag. In the above photo, the bag on the right is the fries, and I don't know if you notice, but the bag is quickly becoming translucent due to grease. Awesome.

But here is what I really love about their fries. Getting pickle fries. That's right, they dump a ton of bitter, sour, tart but delicious dill seasoning all over the fries. Smelling the bag will make you go into a bit of a head twirl (this is what I imagine crack is like).

This was an upgrade. I'm addicted to dill on popcorn, and chips, and on fries it is just heaven. I've been known to combine a Crazy Fry with Dill Fries.

Now for the 'Chicken Wing Burger' was simply put, a chicken burger with hot sauce on it.

The patty is dipped in hot sauce (Frank's I'm pretty sure), put on a bun and topped with lettuce and mayo.

It's not huge, but it was pretty good. Nothing special, but it hit the spot. For $5 and change, I got a decent spicy chicken burger, a pop, and kick ass dill fries. Oh, I can still smell those pickle fries!

Don't expect the best burger ever, but on a budget, this place rocks and I am always surprised the chain has not expanded farther than it has. Come on out to Ottawa!

Fast Eddie's
9 Stanley St. Brantford ON (and other locations)

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emily Wilson said...

I'm wonder if you know how many calories are in one of the chicken wing burgers? I can't find it any where else and hoping you would by any chance know (: