Wednesday, 22 July 2009

WK's Panko Breaded Buffalo Chicken Fingers ~ Recipe

I'm back home and visiting my parents. And I get to cook. Normally my father won't relinquish the kitchen or the grill, but this week he's out most days. The great part is access to lots of appliances/gadgets, a chest freezer, and a dishwasher.

I made Greek (kebabs, salad) one night, hommade pizza another, then I was told that there was a bunch of chicken breasts that needed to be made up and breaded chicken was requested. I changed it to chicken fingers, and instead of regular bread crumbs, Panko was going to shake things up.

I was surprised to see Panko crumbs in my parents pantry; I mean, Japanese breading materials? That's adventurous. Panko is a crispy, very light breading, so as a chicken finger I figured it would give a nice texture.

I'm not doing a full-on recipe here. Chicken fingers - you know what to do and what to get.

Ok, here's a little instruction.

While the best way to make these is deep fried (I don't know if there is anything that is deep fried that actually tastes better from the oven . . .). My parents have a big electric griddle, so big batches were much easier to cook.

It wasn't long before these stripes were turning golden brown. I didn't put anything down on the griddle first (like butter or cooking spray) and while this was ok for most strips, there were a few that stuck.

Of course you can't make a Buffalo Chicken Finger without Buffalo sauce. The only cayenne based hot sauce on hand was Compliments Essential Louisiana Hot Sauce. This store brand sauce actually has a bit of a kick, but it is mighty tangy/sour - causing a bit of a pucker.

Add sauce to butter and you have liquid gold. Red liquid gold.

The big meal. There was also some leftover Greek salad. And yes that is KD on the plate. I have yet to have a Macaroni and Cheese that I prefer over Kraft Dinner. That's right, you heard me.

We dipped the chicken rather than tossing it (although I drizzled . . . so many serving choices!). The panko was light and crispy, and the Buffalo sauce soaked in without making wings soggy.

Yes KD. And I found that if I drizzled the Buffalo sauce over top, it was even better! Buffalo KD!

What Would I Do Differently Next Time? Hmmmm. I would have cut the chicken strips thinner. Without deep frying, I would have had the griddle a little hotter starting out. The sauce was good (but kept at a medium for my mom). Everyone was happy. But panko isn't my breading of choice. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't experiment with wings.


Chris said...

I've determined that I really need a deep fat fryer basket. I have one of those flat top griddles and they just don't "fry" well. But they kick ass for making lots of pancakes and french toast.

So do your parents share your love for heat or does that trait skip every other generation? :)

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - A deep fryer is a good investment. Ya, the griddle is good for pancakes, or eggs and bacon for crowds for sure.

My parents (mainly my dad) are the ones who introduced me to heat. But I have far surpassed their abilities. Just last night we had wings and my dad thought they had quite a kick. I thought they were pretty mild!