Thursday, 16 July 2009

Chicken Wing Dreaming again . . . this time with Big Bang Theory

So I was dreaming about chicken wings again. Last night. Briefly, but clearly my obsession is getting worse.

In this dream, I was with the cast of "The Big Bang Theory". This is my favourite sitcom on TV right now (to be fair, I think it is the ONLY sitcom on TV. As in, making new episodes, not just reruns of classic sitcoms).
The premise is a bunch of University uber-nerds live next door to 'dumb' blond and hilarity ensues. And it does. What I love about the show is the attention to detail. When the nerds make nerdy statements about pop culture, science, or science fiction, its real. Most sitcoms make up sci-fi references and events, but The Big Bang Theory goes the extra distance:

Back to the dream.

In the dream, I'm running with Sheldon into their apartment to pull a prank on the others. That prank is to sit in the two main chairs (amazing prank). On the table is a big bucket full of different food. One of the items is chicken wings and Sheldon and I dig in. They are good. The others all come in (as well as other people I know in real life). They all start taking food one by one, and I find out that the food was brought by one of my friends older brothers. The chicken wings were from McDonald's.

Chicken wings from McDonald's do exist. In China. From Flickr

The wings are crispy, hot and delicious, but sauce-less. Not as breaded as the ones in the above photo. I want to do a review, so I get out my camera, but I feel awkward because none of these people know I do a wing blog. I go to get another wing, but that is all people are eating, and they are all gone. I can't do a review, and I don't think I can get these wings again.

That's all that I remember. I have a sickness, I'm sure of it now.


Chris said...

That is friggin' hilarious because I love that show. I love when Raj drinks and can talk to women!

But yes, you are a sick sick individual. You have a fever and the prescription is, more hot wings!

Teena in Toronto said...

I didn't know that McDonald's had wings ... I dunno ...

Anonymous said...

They are not very good....

I really gotta send you those pics!

-Randy in china

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - such a good show!!! And I like your diagnosis. Or is that a prognosis?

Teena - Only in Asia . . . as far as I know.

Randy - SEND THEM!