Wednesday, 8 July 2009

First Deep Fryer Hot Wings of the Season '09

I totally forgot about posting this. I guess things got busy last week and it wasn't until today that I found these pics on the camera. Normally I download all my photos within a day of taking them - I have a terrible fear of losing my camera or something happening to the memory card - so I download them ASAP. Today I found them and a bunch of other photos I never got around to clearing up.

Anyways, last week I dusted off the deep fryer and decided to make some hot wings. Almost Buffalo style, but the sauce was not authentic. They are the first of the season mainly because I keep the deep fryer outside to fry because of the smell. Now that the weather is pretty decent, it's time to get down to making real hot wings.

The old Rival Deep Fryer. Chicken wings split but tip not removed. And a metal bowl to keep the wings in. I find it keeps the wings warm as you cookin' in batches.

First batch in. Are you as excited as I am?

No dusting or breading. Just naked chicken drummies and wingettes in all their crispy glory.

The sauce. I started out with Buffalo sauce: Frank's, Vinegar, Margarine. But Sriracha and some misc other hot sauces made this hot wing sauce.

Pouring that delicious red sauce over the wings. The anticipation is killing me!

Final Product.

It was worth the wait. Everything was good, but the wings were not very meaty. I could have dusted them in some flour for extra texture. Meh, I was very happy with this lunch.


Chris said...

Sriracha wings? AWESOME!

"I keep the deep fryer outside to fry because of the smell." So glad we aren't the only ones!

Lord of the Wings said...

Chris - we live in an apartment with very poor ventilation. Deep Frying on the balcony is really the only choice!

Teena in Toronto said...

They look tasty! I usually deep fry wings and dip them in sauce rather than tossing.