Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Contest winner shares tips for making great chicken wings

This event happened back in June too, but the article only came out this week. Down in Webb City Missouri, Executive Chef Damien Tiregol makes award winning wings for the "Emancipation Park Days Committee King of Wings."

Now his award winners are mango wings. Mango. I can't say I care for fruit being in the same title as award winning wings, unless its "award winning fruit wings". But he has some solid wing cooking tips that I agree with.

  • Soaking the wings in a brine is the key to a great wing.“When you brine the wings it makes them plumper and juicier.”
  • Tiregol deep fries them until golden brown.
  • He recommends that you test a wing for doneness before pulling the whole batch out of the oil.
  • Once the wings are done, he drains them.
  • Instead of tossing them in a bowl with his wing sauce, he puts them into a tall plastic container, pours the sauce over the wings, covers the container with a plate or lid and spins the sauce into the wings.
  • Spinning, he said, allows the sauce to be more evenly distributed over the wings.
  • Once the wings have been spun in the sauce, he places them into a salamander broiler to glaze the sauce onto the wings.

I pretty much agree. Brine is good. Deep fry is good. In my opinion, tossing and spinning is pretty much the same thing, but covered container tossing of the wings for sure get better coverage. And broiling after can have good results with sauce. But I prefer my wings saucy.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Brine? That's an interesting tip.