Thursday, 16 August 2018

#TBT to 2008 & The Rockwater Brewi & BBQ - London ON



I recently found a stash of never before released wing reviews - but really it's just the photos. Back in 2008 I went to visit my friend Amanda in London Ontario. We went to Rockwater Brew & BBQ at the London City Plaza Mall. They closed down years ago and it seems the space was completely gutted (the outside facade was removed) and was chopped up into a Fairweather and other stores.

not sure where I stole this photo from, probably their website that I can no longer find
I don't remember a lot, but what I do remember was that the place was cabin/outdoorsy themed. Amanda got a veggie burger and I got wings. The wings were unique because they were served on wooden skewers.

I have a super fuzzy video of the menu with the wing section and this is what I interpret as:

"Our Famous Chicken Wings
Lightly dusted, cedar-fired and skewered.
Served with celery, carrots and blue cheese
dressing on the side.

Wings come in 1lb/skewers
Single Skewer $8.49
Double Skewer $13.49
Wing Add-On $6.25

Choice of Sauce
mild, medium, hot, Bullseye BBQ
honey garlic, caribbean jerk, honey mustard or our own
spicy KYBO Suicide, _____ _____ ____  off (if you can take it)

Choice of Dry Spice
Cajun, Lime & Sea Salt, Tex-Mex
curry or Lemon & Pepper"

My photos are super blurry (bad lighting + no flash to not be embarrassing because food photography in restaurants was not common back then) but based on what I see I'm pretty sure I got 10 hot and 10 Honey Mustard (I can't believe I didn't get the KYBO suicide ... or maybe I did?). I remember them being really big wings, but tough and not that crispy. They did come with veggies and dip. Also, I look huge in that photo.

I don't know why I never finished this review, but here is how it started:

"A couple of years ago I went to London Ontario to go visit some friends. Amanda was working downtown (still does) and on her lunch we met up. We went to the

117-355 Wellington Street
London ON

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