Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Season's Pizza in Ottawa's Chinatown has been pretty good at getting their name out there - it's a pizza joint I've seen many times. Before going there for a review I was sure I actually reviewed them years ago, but upon research, I had not. So this pleasant July weekday was just the time.

Located in the heart of Chinatown (because nothing says Chinese like an Italian pizza place run by Lebanese folk), you cannot miss it. Big signs, specials posters, sandwich boards, and banners all proudly declare to folks where to get their pizza fix.

The actual building is a small multi-plex of sorts. Doctor's offices, Muslim grocery store, offices, and Season's. I parked in a spot that might be reserved for the small grocery store and walked around to the front where they have a good sized patio. There is an entrance off the the right, with signs clearly indicating to 'enter' there and not the patio door. I tried the door and it was locked - were they closed? Nope, they want you to enter through the patio door. *shakes head*

I admit I had a bit of judgey-ness before I went in; I was expecting a dirty hole in the wall. Instead I found a super clean and modern-ish pizzeria. There was lots of seating, big photo murals on the wall, and CTV news on the television. There was one staff working and she was doing everything. She was super pleasant.

I looked at the take-out menu to see about the wings - the price was $0.95 (the outdated online menus say $0.75). It also says that the minimum order is 20 wings. That's a bit pricey in the take-out pizza wing game. I asked the pizza lady about the 20 piece minimum but she said I could order as much as I want. So I went with 15. She told me it would be about 10 minutes and I took a little walk.

I came back and pizza lady had my wings ready. The box felt a little heavy, and sloshy which suggested to me a lot of wings and a lot of sauce.

Also I like this trend of using cardboard boces for take-out instead of Styrofoam clam shells.

My first impressions was that the smell was good (fried wings and hot sauce). The wings looked nice and wet, but small and shrivled.

These wings were small. Maybe small medium but mostly small. They were a medium meatiness which is relative to their size. That size was small by the way.

The wings were over fried - which meant the skin was crispy, but in a brittle, hard to eat way. The meat was tough as well. It was a labour to eat each wing.

I got the wings sauced in Hot, which was just Frank's Red Hot. This was ok and the sauce was good, but nothing special. She did put a LOT of sauce on so while they were overcooked, they had lots of sauce to make-up for that fact.


I was not really impressed with these wings. Small, overcooked, but at least they were sauced well. The place was clean and the staff friendly, but the wings are passable. I didn't try the pizza so maybe it's better. But the wings, meh. 5.5/14

Season's Pizza
725 Somerset Street W Ottawa, ON

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