Thursday, 8 February 2018


For years I have been developing, tweaking and revisiting my SCORE guide for the restaurants that I review.  There have been multiple versions with the point amounts getting bigger, then smaller, then bigger again.

The point of THE SCORE is to document in a quick visual chart the quality and options of a restaurants chicken wing offerings. I want to make my wing reviews 'scientific' and measurable so that anyone read it knows it's not just an opinion.

Here is that breakdown:

This is mostly an information section, to get an idea about the wings. There's no score because this information is more about the description than evaluation.

PRICE: how much do the wings cost and how many do you get approximately?

STYLE: what type of chicken wing are they - How are they cooked (fried, baked, smoked, breaded etc). also if there is a particular style, such as Thai-style, stuffed etc.

SAUCES: what are the different flavours available? I will highlight in bold the flavours I am reviewing.

HEAT: If these are a heat based wing, how spicy are they (relative to my heat, but trying to keep others heat levels in mind)

WETNAP FACTOR: How saucy are these wings? This traditionally referred to how much sauce is on the wings, but I'm adapting it to include seasoning for those wings that have a dry rub.

This is the evaluation of the wing based on qualities I look for in a wing.

SIZE: How big, because in wings, size does matter. How long are they? The tiniest wings are a 0, and Jumbo is a 3.

MEATINESS: How much meat on the bone is there? A wing could be large or small, but the meat can totally change that size. Also is the meat tender, or tough?  No meat is 0, very meaty is 3.

TEXTURE: What is the texture of the skin? Is it crispy? Mushy?  Depending on the style of the skin, an extra crispy skin is a 3 while mush is a 0.

FLAVOUR: How good is the wing. I've boosted the rating up to 5 from 3 because this is the most important part of the chicken wing and wings that were soo good in the old score was being overshadowed by size. So let's see how this re-balancing goes.

Section C is the recap of extras around the meal.

SIDES: What comes with the wings? Veggies & Dip? Fries?

CLEAN UP: What does the restaurant give to help you stay clean - napkins, wetnaps, a wing plate/bowl?

WING NIGHT: If the place has deals on chicken wings, this is the info you need to know. And if they do, they get a bonus point. But I don't score places like pizza joints because they would never have a wing night.

OTHER: Any other info about the restaurant experience: are there free refills on drinks? Is there good service? Unique features?

TOTAL: The recap of the wing experience.


  • Ultimately this list and this blog is for me to keep track of what I like and don't. It may not reflect things you look for in a wing, but feel free to make suggestions to improve the score.
  • Score may be adapted based on style (ie Take-out joint vs dine-in restaurant) 
  • The information is as up to date as of the time of the review, with the month and year is recorded on the Score.

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