Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Back in May, before I left for Ottawa, I was actually at a work retreat out at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus. Like last year, several of my co-workers got together, talked about working together, best practices etc and of course, had wings together. Ok I had wings, everybody else at pretty healthy.

Greg and Sean were our hosts at UTM and we relied on them to take us to a good location for lunch. They recommended the Pump House Grille Co.. It was actually down in Port Credit, which is an area I have not explored, did not have a chance to, but would love to in the future.

Here's the gang from left to right: Sean, Greg, Heather, Kristen, Dave, Leah and Candice. A great bunch to work with.

Inside this place was a mix of bar and restaurant. It was slightly more upscale from the average pub. On the bar side you had a mix of older locals and some suits on their lunch break. In the dining room, we had families with one kid who loved dinosaurs that made laser sounds.

The night before we had tex-mex food, so most were interested in clearing their palettes and eating healthy. Above are Lobster and Avacado Wraps ($15.99) or Thai Chicken Wrap ($13.99) - I can't remember which, with massive salads.

Above is a massive salad/meals. They are both Phoenix & Dragon salads (shrimp and chicken for $16.79) but the bottom had the shrimp replaced with fried cheese.

Then there was a Turkey Panini ($14.99) with massive salad and an Asian Salmon Salad ($16.79). I think everyone really enjoyed their salads, wraps, sandwiches and more salads.

I had no qualms about not having salads. I went with wings, of course.

Wings come in orders of singles or doubles. I went with a single order which was about 10 wings. There are no sides on this plate.

The size of these wings were a medium length. But what they lacked in length they made up in being very meaty wings. When the wings came out they were crispy, but they became soggy very quickly as the dusting absorbed all the sauce.


This was my base flavour and it was a standard hot you find at most pubs. Good. Not really hot in my opinion though, more a medium.

I ordered suicide on the side and it came out cold, which I am not a fan. But this did have a bit of a kick. More hot than suicide, but still a good sauce.

FINAL SCORE:  This was a great little pub with very fresh food. The wings were meaty and saucy, but sauce on the side might be the way to go. You can also get your wings grilled after they are sauced, and that might be an interesting way to go. 5.5/10

Plus, great company made this also worth while. What a productive and fun retreat!

The Pump House Grille Co.
40 Lakeshore Road, Port Credit ON

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Ryan said...

You need to try these wings grilled. It is available on the menu and unfortunately they do not automatically suggest it but this is the only way to have their wings. Really helps with the sogginess of the dusted wings absorbing the sauce and also adds a bit of smoky flavour. In my oppinion these are some of the best wings in the GTA but I also think they should not be offered without grilling as it is the perfect finishing touch.