Monday, 26 November 2012


Picture it: Niagara Region. June 2012. 

I was at a conference for work at Brock University and Niagara College. After a long day of sessions and seminars, the culinary school and brewery/wine at Niagara College gave us some wonderful tasting and creations. We then had some free time down at the Falls, and Heather and Kristen and I decided to grab a snack, a drink, and a drop in to the Casino.

We made our way up Fallsview Boulevard toward the casino, and Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville was right across from the casino. The ladies thought margaritas sounded good, and I was sure I could get wings.

Jimmy Buffett sure soaked one song for as much as he possibly could. I mean, it's a restaurant based on a song. If your looking to have a party atmosphere in a chain bar, this is the place to go. Live bands, hockey games, airplanes inside a bar, surfboards and tiki lounges. There was a dude on stilts walking around the place. Crazy. Loud. Fun.

Our waitress was Tamar, who was friendly and over the top in character for the restaruant. She was quick to refill my Pepsi and check in on our needs.

Heather and Kristen enjoyed their margaritas. They also shared some Volacano Nachos ($16.95). Nachos that were pilled higher than their heats. I have never seen a place give a plate of nachos that large.  "Topped with chili, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, tomatoes and scallions."

I found wings on the menu. Huzzah!

I went with the "Chicken Wing Cornucopia" and I don't know why it's called a cornucopia, which Wikipedia describes as "from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers, nuts, other edibles, or wealth in some form." I didn't feel this was a horn of plenty, with 8 wings and some celery sticks for $13.

It came with a side of blue cheese. This was a massive cup of blue cheese, but I was put off by the muffin-top baked greasy look it had. It wasn't cold. It tasted like blue cheese dip, but like it had been baked, and it was overpoweringly pungent. Did not enjoy.

 The wings looked really good. In length they were not generous, about a medium. In meatiness it was a medium. The wings were slightly crispy, and they were sauced nicely.


Actually, Hot Buffalo. This was a lie. It was Medium Buffalo, but as wings are always a challenge, no one would order medium, so they just renamed medium hot. This was a good flavoured sauce, but unfortunately was extremely salty. I finished the wings, but the salty factor was a big problem.


Hawaiian chili sounds unique and a bit mysterious. I've had Thai chili, or sweet chili, but Hawaiian? I imagined some spicy pineapple flavour. Nope, just plain sweet Thai chili. Sweet, minor kick, but nothing original or pineapplely about it.

This place is tourist trap restaurant in all it's glory. Its fun and over the top. Lots of Margaritas that are big and I'm told enjoyable. Nachos are ginormous. Wings were ok, a little deceptive in descriptions, and very salty. But a good meal was had by all, and this was a fun place to hang while away on business. 4.5/10

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
6300 Fallsview Boulevard  Niagara Falls, ON


Teena in Toronto said...

Thanks for the head's up. I didn't know it was there. Sounds like a fun place for a drink :)

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - I didn't know it was there either. It was a fun place.

Chris said...

Maybe they salt their wings with the coarse rock salt that they use to coat the rims of margaritas? ha ha

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - just waiting for their Buffalo wingarita to come out . . .