Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Frank's Red Hot @ Nathan Phillip Square

Last weekend I was out and about. I was headed to the subway when I saw a big event going on at Dundas Square. It had something to do with Football and the Grey Cup, and not being into sports I didn't care. But I did see a Frank's Red Hot food truck and was intrigued.

They were offering samples, and there was like no line-up, so I decided to do some tasting. If you sampled all 7 of their sauces, you could try a hand at their prize wheel. So with a little old lady, we took our tortilla chips and had some hot sauce. 4 I have had before:

  • Original
  • Xtra Hot
  • Chile and Lime 
  • Wings (I don't care for this - I prefer to make Buffalo sauce myself)

But I had not had:

  • Thick (tastes like original, just thicker like a dip)
  • kickin BBQ (tastey sweet bbq sauce like any commercial bbq sauce with a sight cayenne bite)
  • Sweet Chili (tastes like every other sweet chili thai sauce)

There was also two dudes (above its the guy on the right) who would ask people if they were the ultimate Frank's fan, and had to yell out to the crowd "I put that @#(&* on everything!" I like Frank's, but yelling out in a crowd . . . that's not my thing.

I stood in line at the prize wheel. The prize wheel was a little sad in my opinion. 10 of the 12 slots were for a free tattoo. One was for a fridge magnet I think, and that might have been it. I thought it might be at least a bottle of sauce. I won a tattoo. Anybody want a temporary hot sauce bottle tattoo?

Anyways, it was fun. And I got to sample some sauces without having to buy a whole bottle.

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