Monday, 19 November 2012

ALL Dressed Rubbed Hot Wings

Making supper over the weekend and I picked up some fresh wings. But once I got back to the kitchen, I didn't know how I wanted to cook them. I knew I was going to be baking them out of simplicity. But I wanted something different. I could rub them down with just spice, or even put on a coating. I could try and mix up some crazy sauce - but I was out of ideas. I opened up my fridge and looked over my sauces and then my cubbords and my spices. Then something jumped out as something interesting. Something different. Perhaps, something awesome?

Popcorn seasoning. Yes, popcorn seasoning. I've used it before with Dill Wings but I have not tried All Dressed seasoning.

I am not crazy about Club House's All Dressed (AD) seasoning for popcorn. I've had other AD seasonings at theatres that I liked better. I tried to imagined this brand's flavour on wings - I checked out the ingredients, and while there are some things in there I'm not crazy about (or at least I don't think I like because I don't know what they are) but it did have spices (including red pepper), garlic, tomato, onion, fancy molasses (oooh 'fancy') and smoke flavour. That could work, right?

So into a bowl the whole wings went (too lazy to cut them up). Then the AD seasoning. It was interesting that the rub basically became a liquid on the wings - I thought it would be more like, well a dry rub. I used about 2-3 tablespoons of seasoning . . . although I just sprinkled it on and didn't measure.

I put the wings on a metal pan covered by parchment paper. The oven was set to broil at 400 degrees. Once it was hot, in they went for about 20-30 minutes.

I actually have no idea how long they were in for, but 20-30 minutes sounds about right. At this point they looked almost ready.

I still flipped them over for another 15-20 minutes and then flipped again for 5 minutes. Visually I was loving the slightly charred, crispy looking wings.

I ate one wing on it's own with the rub. It was right out of the oven and too hot, but it was good. It immediately reminded me of these chicken wings my dad would make when I was younger that you put in a plastic bag, shook up, and put - bag and all - into the oven (if you know what I'm talking about - who made it and does it still exist?). The flavour is a little smokey, a little red peppery, a little salty. It was very mild,, but it worked as a base layer. I could eat it just as it was, but I prefer saucy wings.

So I took some homemade Buffalo wing sauce from the fridge, added some other hot sauce and tossed that (after heating it) over the wings. Shazaam!

The All Dressed seasoning blended in with the hot sauce. Again, it wasn't bold enough to stand out on it's own, but as a foundation, it was great for these wings. The chicken was crispy, wet and the flavours all worked. This was a great meal.

This was a good experiment. I would definetely use Club House All Dressed popcorn seasoning again for the wings. I think next time I might add even more rub and I think this would be a perfect wing for those that like mild heat and little sauce.

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