Sunday, 22 July 2012


My Residence Life Functional Group started a new tradition of a work retreat last year where we go to University of Toronto Mississauga campus, spend two days going over student issues, planning joint training and learning about our respective systems. Then we eat. This year was no different.

This time we were joined by UTM locals Sean and Greg who led us to a pub in Port Credit (the edge of Missassauga). This place looked like a great little hang out spot.

Inside the place was a mix of traditional pub and, well I don't know how to describe what you see in the picture above. The place was busy with a mostly 30 and up crowd at lunch. There was a family in our dining area and a kid was quite excited about dinosaurs and lasers (same sentence). Our server was Katti (but she also had help from another waitress I didn't catch the name of) but service was prompt and friendly.

Here's the gang: Sean, Greg, Heather, Kristen, Dave, Leah and Candice. I'm taking the picture.

I can eat crap for days on end, but after Mandarin Chinese buffet for lunch and Lone Star fajitas the night before for supper, most were looking to do some healthy cleansing. I didn't get a detailed report on everyone's meals, but I'm pretty sure they all enjoyed them, found them fresh, and very generous portions. Here's a visual recap:

Two Thai Chicken Wraps (I think) with salads.

Top: Phoenix & Dragon Salad (tiger shrimp and chicken in a sesame vinagrette)
Bottom: Same, but the shrimp subbed out for a puck of goat cheese.

Top: Turkey Panini (sliced turkey, bacon, ham lettuce, tomato and aged Canadian cheddar)
Bottom: Asian Salmon (tossed in a sesame mandarin vinaigrette)

Oh, I got the wings. Talk about your odd man out.

I ordered a Single order of wings, which is 10. It came on a long white plate and they looked great - nice and orange, a little crispy - but naked without veggies and dip, or even garnish.

THe wings themselves were a medium in length, but were pretty meaty. The wings are dusted, then deep fried. They also say you can get them grilled (it just takes a little longer). I went with standard fried, but if I was back, would go for grilled.  The chicken started crispy, but the sauce (which was absorbed into the skin) eventually became slightly soggy, or at least not crispy.


I went with the classic hot. It was classic hot - bottled cayenne sauce. Simple but good.

I also got a side of suicide. It was 3rd Degree I think. Had a zing. It was cold though, which I don't like as it contrasts too much with the warm wings. But good.

These were good dusted deep fried wings. Simple sauce. Not bad, but nothing original either. Its a great little spot and I would go back again for sure. I think everyone enjoyed their meals and it was a great place to end out retreat at. 5.5/10

The Pump House Grille Co.
40 Lakeshore Rd East, Port Credit ON


Chris said...

How do these places serve wings without veggies and dip? That should be illegal.

Lord of the Wings said...

@Chris - in my wingdom, it is a crime punishable by tofu.