Sunday, 15 July 2012


RIP - This location is NOW CLOSED

Back in April, my parents were coming through Toronto on their way home and I decided to tag a ride and head back with them. On the way, we stopped in to a family favourite, Mosse Winooski's in Brantford.

I reviewed Moose Winooski's waaay back in 2006 with Dude, but my family has been going here since the 90's when they opened in Brantford. Since then, not much has changed.

The atmosphere is log cabin/woodsy with crazy moose heads on the wall, antlers for chandeliers, and snowshoes hanging from the ceiling. The crowd on this Saturday afternoon was kid heavy. Loud kids running around, having fun. But there were also seniors here (which is strange, because the kids are loud, and so is the music). I missed our waitresses name, but she was friendly, bringing drink refills and helping with anything we needed.

When my parents come, they always get the "Feta Bruschetta Bread" ($10.99). This monster loaf is like 2 feet long and chalked full  of tomato mixture with feta. I'm not a bruschetta lover myself (the warm tomatoes just don't do it for me) but the garlic bread and the cheese are good.

What keeps us coming back for sure are the wings. Glorious wings.

Wings come in order sizes that don't actually explain how many are in an order. Like snack, or Jumbo. We all went with House sized orders, which contain about 8 wings.

On the side are fresh cut veggies and a thick and chunky blue cheese dip. Crispy and fresh and the dip is good and creamy.

The wing sizes are large to jumbo, but are increased by their double dusting. That means the wings are breaded, then breaded again. Then they are pressure fried. This gives them a super crunchy coating. If you are a non-breaded wing purist, this may not be for you . . . but as someone who embraces breaded and non-breaded, these are gold.

At the same time, the pressure cooking means that these very meaty wings are super juicy and meaty inside. There is no effort to pull apart a flatty wing.

 I went with hot. I've had the suicide before (its spicy and chunky with lots of peppers) and the Buffalo, but the Forrest Fire Hot is the way to go. The sauce is thick, slightly sweet with a nip of heat. It is hard to describe other than when I have the wings in front of me I just want to keep eating. Nom nom nom. Every little bit of meat and sauce and every crumb of the breading. I wish I knew how they made their sauce. When asked, this is my parents favourite place for wings. While I tend to go for Buffalo-style wings, these have to be in my top 2 of all time.


I love these wings. I'm unabashedly biased (not that they pay me or anything). They are big. They are crisp and crunchy. They are saucy, and that sauce is full of flavour and spice. The only downside; no wing night. Over the years we have come and sometimes the wings are smaller than usual, or the sauce doesn't have the right zip. But on this return trip, it was wing nirvana. And mom couldn't finish hers, so I had some leftovers the next day. Thanks :)   9/10

Moose Winooski's
45 King George Road, Brantford ON


Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! Sounds awesome!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - I'm craving those wings right now!