Saturday, 14 July 2012

Return to SNEAKY DEES ~ Toronto ON

Playing catch up on some blog work. Back in March (yes March!)  the Canadian Film Festival was playing in Toronto, showing new Canadian films. One of my staff, Cathy, is a big Edward Furlong fan and he was in a film playing  one evening (Below Zero). My friend Ryan was also going, so I decided to go as well. Before the movie started, we decided to grab some grub before the show.

Ryan is to Nachos what I am to chicken wings, and I knew Sneaky Dee's was just down the street. Sneaky Dee's does great nachos and Tex-Mex, they have good wings, so off we went. It's been a couple of years since I had been there with my friend Nee, so I thought I would do an update review.

Inside I don't think anything has ever changed. I actually got carded at the front door (when was the last time that happened?) and it was very busy, but we got a seat pretty quick. Our waitress was indifferent (not friendly, but not rude either). She was busy so was not frequent around our table.

Ryan went with the Nachos ("crisp corn tortilla chips with salsa roja & Monterrey jack cheese 7.95") to which he added bacon, onion, ground beef, and tomatoes. There nachos were on a large pizza platter and while not piled high, were well spread out and covered in a thick layer of cheese. This was a massive amount of nachos. It was good, but I think having the tomatoes and salsa inside (not on top) and cooked in made them soggy.

Kathy had eaten before, so she just went with a snack of the Sweet Potato Fries ($5.25). These were a standard cut sweet potato, with a bit of breading and served with a garlic aiole. Very crispy, very tasty.

I of course went with the wings.

Wings come in orders of Small (approx 9-10 wings) Medium and Large. The wings are deep fried, tossed in sauce, and served with veggies and dip.

But not your typical dip of blue cheese, or ranch. This is an avacado-sour cream dip. It's unique, but I find it's a pretty flavorless side for dipping myself. 

Compared to last time, the wings have shrunk a bit. The wings ranged a bit, most being medium, but there were a few large. And by large I mean long. Most of the wings were not meaty. In fact, some had really pulled away from the bone. The skin was crispy and the wings were nice and wet.


I went with my wings hot. This was a good classic hot - a bit of heat but a lot of flavour.

The sauce had a hint of sweetness and a hint of hot. It was good. The wings might have been small, but the flavour on these were big.


I had no idea what Sneaky Sauce was. I asked the waitress, and even she had a hard time describing it: 'Laredo Hot sauce (I reviewed it a long time ago) butter, chilis and garlice mixed together.' It did not look appetizing then it came out - very oily. The texture looked like baby food and oil. But boy was it tasty. So unique. The dominant flavour was garlic, with a little spice. Not like any sauce I had ever had before. It was good - but I don't think I could have eaten a whole order of wings in this sauce due its heaviness.


Disappointingly the wings got smaller and inconsistent. But the flavour was still there. Hot was good. Sneaky Sauce was unique and really stood out as a crazy good concept. The service was slow, but the place was packed and the alternative atmosphere is great. Good sweet potato fries, huge nacho platter. Sneaky Dee's was worth the wait for a return. 6/10

Sneaky Dee's
431 College Street, Toronto ON

PS: The movie was . . . interesting. I don't think it will be coming to a theatre near you. A few days later I did see A Little Bit Zombie and found it hilarious and do recommend it.  


Teena in Toronto said...

I haven't been to Sneaky Dees since Johnny's Cash's b/d two years ago!

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - that sounds like that would be a fun event at SD's - With the hot wings, a truly burning ring of fire!