Wednesday, 18 July 2012


It was the end of term and we, the Residence Life Functional Group I belong to were having our end of year meeting/social. We still keep meeting and working during the summer, but we celebrate surviving the academic year. The best way was to do so is at a pub bakery.

OK, so Future's Bakery also has a bar inside (best bakery ever?). Future's has been a destination for University of Toronto students for years. Located in the Annex (but they also have a location in St Lawrence Market), they serve awesome desserts, beer, AYCE perogies on Wednesday and free wi-fi; this is a arts major's delight.

It's a strange environment inside - kind of coffee shop vibe with tables and couches - it certainly doesn't feel like a restaurant. There's a great patio outside. The crowd is mostly young, but there are a few professor types in the place on this particular afternoon.

My crew was mostly here for Sangria and beers. I was hungry and when I saw wings, well you know what had to be done.

One thing to watch out for - the wings are not served until 4pm. We got there at like 3:30, so I had to wait till I could order off the 'Bar Food' menu.

It was a huge platter that came out filled with 8 wings, veggies sticks, blue cheese, fries with ketchup and the side of suicide sauce I ordered. Please note in the chart above, there were a few other sauce options but I lost the notes I had on them.

The fries were nice and crispy, but soft inside - really good. And it was a huge pile of them. The veggies were good and the blue cheese dip was creamy with some blue cheese chunks.

I was really expecting tiny wings (and not looking forward to them because it was a $11.99 price tag on them). But to my surprise, they were quite large in length and in meatiness. The skin was crispy, and the wings were deep fried naked.

I went with hot sauce on them. This was a good hot. A little kick, a lot of cayenne sauce. They were decently wet.

Suicide had a stronger kick. It looked like and tasted like a homemade sauce (or at least some sort of Frankenstein mix). Wing monster like. You can see the chilis and it's oily goodness.


I had low expectations from the wings at Future's. I mean I know their deserts are good, but I did not see these coming. They are pretty pricey, but you do get a lot of fries on the side. A wing night would be nice though. They are large, crispy and the sauces have some nip and flavour. Well done Futures. Well done. 6/10

Future Bakery & Cafe
483 Bloor Street East

PS: I don't know why they are 'Future' - any idea?

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