Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Boston Pizza's New Wings

Back in April (2011)  Boston Pizza announced a new wing and new sauces coming to a BP near you.  

They also announced a new advertising campaign starring 'Carl Carlson' professional wing critic. This was (I think) a super successful campaign and it still stands as the MOST popular hit for pages at Lord of the Wings.

Well despite the campaign and the excitement around new wings, I didn't try them out. Not because I didn't want to, but there are no locations where I am. Well there was one when I moved back last year, but it closed not too long ago.

Well out with the Away Team crew, we were on our way to take in a film (Cowboys & Aliens = fun!).  We were in good spirits despite the photos. We were all just tired.

Bramanda ordered whole wheat twist bread. It looked tasty, even if it was whole wheat.

Ricky went with the Chipotle Chicken and Bacon Salad. It looked pretty tasty ... you know, for a salad.

I decided to go with the new wings. Sorry for the dark photos. The wings are the slightly dark mass on that gigantic piece of lettuce.

Wings came with a blue cheese dip. This was not your standard pub blue cheese, but a creamier, thick dip.

Boston Pizza has many new flavours for their wings. New ones include Sesame Ginger, Pineapple Mango, Asian Five Spice, Caribbean Jerk, and Chipotle BBQ. I won't lie, most of those flavours do not appeal to me. The last two yes, but the rest, not really. So choosing was a less difficult.

Size wise I saw no difference between these wings and the wings they had before. I shouldn't be surprised, but the wings in the commercials are significantly larger than what I actually got. They are a medium and they are pretty meaty, so that's good at least.

There are several cooking options (just like the old wings), breaded and fried, just fried, or double baked.

The only new flavour I was really interested in was Chipotle BBQ. This was a really good sauce because it had a nice BBQ flavour with a little heat from the Chipotle. This also made it a little smokey. Good combinations all around.

FINAL SCORE: So did the wings live up to all the hype? Nope. They are still a decent chain wing, but for all the hoopla, there wasn't much that changed. The new flavours might appeal to others and might attract those who are not traditional wing eaters, but Carl needs to go out and try more wings.  5.5/10

Boston Pizza
860 Talbot Street, St Thomas ON (and other locations)


Teena in Toronto said...

The wings on the commercial are bigger than the actual ones?! No way!! :)

Lord of the Wings said...

@Teena - shocker I know!