Friday, 16 July 2010

Wing Dreaming on a hot July evening . . .

I don't remember all the details of the dream, and I won't bore you with the ones I do, but essentially:

LJ and I were in a supermarket where a baseball game was being played. After LJ ducked to miss a baseball, an old friend from back in the day James T and a girl (can't remember who it was) offered LJ a sample - a chicken wing. It didn't look great (cold anyway) and as she was eating it, I said "oooh chicken wings" and he said "if you can call it that." I asked if it was halal because I noticed the box was green (in real life at a local grocery store one group of halal products have green labeling). He said yes, and I asked if it was from the halal factory down the street. He didn't answer, and by that time, the wing was finished.
The rest of the dream involved:
  • a giant turtle that was attached to a wheeled platform.
  • the turtle kept chasing me.
  • eventually I started wheeling it around (it seemed to like the speed).
  • I pushed it hard and fast enough it took off.
  • I turned into a chicken to fly after it.

Clearly I need chicken wings.


Teena in Toronto said...

That's addiction when you are dreaming about wings!

Re Lou Dawg's, the wing special is a pound of wings on Wednesdays for $5. They are unusual apparently because they don't cut the wing up into pieces.

Christopher said...

You know, I just saw the movie "Inception"... maybe someone implanted those wing thoughts in your dreams... Could be. You never know!

Chris said...

The trippy ending made the whole wing/baseball in a grocery store part seem down right normal! ;)

Lord of the Wings said...

Teena - Addiction indeed. I actually had another dream 2 days later, but can't remember it. Thanks for the info on Lou Dawg's!

Christopher - LOL its a chicken wing conspiracy!

Chris - I can't get that turtle out of my head. I also had a dream where a sawfish chasing me around in the carpet. Freaky.